Sony Bravia 2017, news and families of televisions

Sony Bravia 2017, news and families of televisions

Sony has unveiled its new range of Bravia TVs for 2017 . A family made up of up to 12 models, each with very different characteristics. The top of the range is still the Sony Bravia ZD9, but this time it comes with company. At the top of the range will also be the new Sony A1 OLED TV. In addition to its two top of the range, the company will have two other models classified as premium, but also other more affordable 4K models. We will even have several models available with Full HD resolution.

After knowing the news from Samsung, Panasonic, LG and Philips, we only needed one 'of the greats'. The Japanese company has already shown us what it has in store for us this year. Some models remain in the company's catalog, but new ones are also arriving. And it is that the Sony ZD9 remains the flagship of the company . However, this year he will not be alone at the top of the pyramid.

Sony A1, new OLED TV

The Sony TV range for 2017 is divided into three groups. On the one hand we have the Full HD televisions, on the other the 4K televisions and, finally, the 4K Premium televisions. In another league the Sony A1 plays. A TV with an OLED panel that comes equipped with the company's most powerful image processor.

The 4K HDR X1 Extreme Image Processor incorporates three image enhancement technologies to provide the best viewing experience: Object-Based HDR Remastering, 4K HDR Super Bit Mapping, and Dual Data Processing. The company has also used its well-known Triluminos technology to improve color accuracy and the 4K X-Reality PRO system to scale content from any source.

In addition to incorporating the latest in imaging technology, the Sony A1 surprises with its design. The Japanese company has wanted to give all the prominence to the image. Therefore, instead of placing a pedestal for use, the television rests on a kind of easel located at the rear .

sony a1 rear

OLED stand Sony A1

This strange support incorporates the connections in its lower part and part of the audio system. And is that the Sony A1 incorporates a curious sound system that the company has called 'Acoustic Surface' . Taking advantage of the OLED's non-backlit structure, the entire extension of the screen has been used as a loudspeaker, thus avoiding their placement on the sides or at the bottom of the panel.

sony a1 sound system

Sony A1 sound system

Triggers vibrate the screen to create sound waves without being noticeable in the image. The subwoofer is mounted on the rear stand and offers powerful bass in an ultra slim design.

This ingenious design allows, according to the company, that the unification between image and sound is perfect , since the position of the sound matches the image on the screen from anywhere. It is the only model in the Sony TV range to offer this design.

The Sony A1 OLED TV will be available on the market very soon in three sizes: 55, 65 and 77 inches . It is already listed on the official website of Sony Spain, but for now without price. We imagine that it will be within reach of very few pockets.

4K HDR Premium TVs

In addition to the ZD9 and the A1, the top of the new Sony TV range consists of three other models. Specifically we refer to the Sony XE94, the Sony XE93 and the Sony XE90 . All three models feature the 4K HDR X1 image processor, although the top two models include the Extreme version. Of course, all three offer Triluminos Display technology and X-tended Dynamic Range PRO contrast.

Although the three models are practically identical, we do see an important difference between them. Both the XE94 and XE90 use 'Full Array LED Backlight' lighting. However, the Sony XE93 incorporates the new Slim Backlight Drive + system , which divides the panel into more zones to achieve greater precision in lighting.

On an aesthetic level, the three Sony televisions follow a very similar line to what we saw in the ZD9. We have a small wedge-shaped base, gold on the Sony XE93 and silver on the Sony XE90. On the front we have a really thin edged panel. The rear is made up of a complex removable panel system that hides the connections and cables .

This system extends to the legs of the base, from whose base the cables can be removed. A system that we have loved and that keeps the back of the TV very clean .

In addition to the aforementioned base, the company has launched a folding wall bracket that provides easy access to the connections. The stand folds out and allows you to watch the TV from anywhere.

wall mount sony xe93

Sony XE93 wall mount

The Sony XE93 is already available in 55, 65 and 75 inches . The official price starts from 2,700 euros for the smallest model. Comment that the Sony XE94 looks like a special edition that will only be available in 75 inches. At the moment it has not been listed on the official website.

On the other hand, the Sony XE90 is available in 49, 55, 65 and 75 inches . The official price starts from 1,700 euros .


Going down a notch in the Sony TV range we find TVs that the company qualifies as 4K HDR. In this group we have the new Sony XE85 and Sony XE80 , but also other models that we already knew, such as the XD83, the XD75 and the XD70.

Of all this family of Sony televisions, the only one that maintains the 4K HDR X1 processor is the Sony XE85 . Of course, the Triluminos screen is not missing. However, we lose the most advanced lighting systems of the high range.

sony 4k hdr range

Sony 4K HDR range

In terms of design, we have an elegant aluminum finish and a 'lighter' base. Despite having a thinner base, the stand also includes a cable concealment system .

The new Sony XE85 is available in 55, 65 and 75 inches . Its price starts at 1,600 euros .

Its little brother, the Sony XE80, incorporates the 4K X-Reality PRO processor instead of the X1. Otherwise, it offers the same design as its older brother.

The Sony XE80 is available in 43, 49 and 55 inches . Its price starts from 1,000 euros .

Full HD TVs

new full hd tvs sony 2017

Sony WE75 Full HD

The new range of Sony televisions does not forget the less affluent pockets. The company has released up to 4 different models with Full HD resolution and HDR image support . This range consists of the Sony WE75, WE66, WE61, RE45 and RE40 models.

As for prices, the most expensive is the Sony WE75, which starts at 700 euros and is available in 43 and 49 inches . If we are looking for a small TV, we will have to go for the RE40, with a 32-inch diagonal and a price of 380 euros.

Android TV

All the 4K models in the Sony TV range that we have talked about incorporate Android TV as an operating system . This year the Japanese company says it has improved the system to make it more functional. TVs include Chromecast to easily cast content from your smartphone or tablet to the TV.

In addition, all Android TVs of 2017 come with a remote control with a microphone , which will allow us to search by voice. And, of course, we will also have access to Google Play to install applications. Although we already know that the Android TV version does not include, far from it, all the applications we have on our mobile.

Sony has used the presentation to tell us that the update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow is now available for all 2015 and 2016 models with Android TV. We have also been told that the 2017 and late 2016 models will be updated to Android 7.0 Nougat shortly.