How to watch Barcelona - Real Madrid for free on the Internet


Here you have the information of today's League match Saturday April 21

Barcelona - Real Madrid, how to watch the game online for free

The following information corresponds to the match held in January ...

Today the Copa del Rey is played . And not just any Cup. Beyond real matters, today FC Barcelona and Real Madrid face each other , two teams that last Wednesday saw each other - and in what way - at the Santiago Bernabéu. Today Barí§a are playing at home , so Real Madrid's men will have to make a cyclopean effort if they want to go for the comeback. And you, where are you going to watch the game? The meeting begins today Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 10:00 p.m. , so if you want to see it on time and without problems, you will have to wake up and prepare for the event. We remind you that the Classic is only broadcast through Canal +, satellite pay TV. If you have not hired, you will have to find other ways beyond down to the bar or meet up at a friend 's house. Here we tell you how you can watch the game from home, for free and online .


Watching the game will be difficult. Sites like Rojadirecta remain closed by the US police, so life will have to be sought elsewhere. You have the option to access and try your luck. You can also enter  Deporteasaco, a website that offers matches of all kinds over the Internet and for free . The most advisable thing, in this case, will be that you access the page in advance, since in many cases you will have to download software to be able to watch the game in question. If you prepare the visualization in advance, you will not find problems and last minute collapses, since in the minutes before the game there will be many who will have the same purpose as you: to watch the game .


If these methods do not work for you, you can also access Intergoles , another classic site to access the visualization of the main football matches that take place in the world. In fact, at the bottom of the page you will find an explicit reference to the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid . On these sites you will find information and precise instructions on how to prepare the way for an ideal viewing . As you know, the multiple technologies for online broadcasting make this preparation not exactly a bed of roses.

You can select the playback through a multimedia player like Windows, although the most logical thing is that you can see it through Flash technology. The applications that reproduce via streaming, in all cases, use the transmission through P2P files . The accounts offer access for a limited time, so you will have to find out a little before - you can do it through Justin TV - how you can bypass these restrictions . In fact, there are multiple methods to cheat the server.

If all this involves a lot of work and you don't have the technical knowledge to try it, you can turn to  the more traditional means of football narration: radio . Virtually all specialized news stations will broadcast the game. Some DTT channels apply a widely seen method , which is to narrate the game without images of the football match itself, but from a television set with its corresponding companions .