Top 10 Craziest Japanese Contests Seen on YouTube

Top 10 Craziest Japanese Contests Seen On YouTube 1

In Japan they are made of different pasta, and if you think that Yellow Humor is the ultimate Japanese madness in terms of contests, let me tell you that you are very, very wrong. You are about to attend contests that only seem to exist in the sickest mind of the most dangerous psychopath. But no, they exist. And there are even those who try to compete. And compete. And he comes out unscathed. Or not. We have prepared for you a list of the 10 craziest Japanese contests seen on YouTube. For you to have a laugh, come off scandalized or, who knows, it makes you nauseous. Are you brave enough to watch the YouTube videos that we propose to you?

10. The Komodo lizard is after you

A woman in kimono, with painted eyebrows, has a rope with meat tied around her back. At the other end, a hungry Komodo dragon . The result is something like a cross between Cannibal Holocaust and Benny Hill.

09. open legs, Mari Loli

A few charming Asian girls ready to spread their legs according to a number that appears on a roulette wheel. Two teams, one spins the wheel, the other has a torture device between his legs. An 8, 8 turns of the steering wheel come out and spread your legs. I don't know who wins and who loses, I had to stop looking.

08. Kiss my ass, Manoli

The curtain opens and two asses appear. What will be the girl? What is the boy? Whoever chose a girl's ass and kissed a boy's ass loses. Isn't it really amazing ? The ending will surprise you.

07. Blow up the balloon with your butt!


Let's see, these Japanese have a clear obsession with asses. Well, with girls, in general. In this contest, the beautiful girls will have to blow up balloons with the only help of their asses. The public, of course, will have a nice overview of the development of the game.

06. A very juicy tunnel

Now we go with the breasts. A half-naked girl, with her nipples suitably taped, kneels in the middle of a model of a train and the little thing has to pass between her tits. And that's it. What else for.


05. Manual labor

And it is not Art Attack. In this contest, you have to sing while a girl masturbates you. I guess you lose when you finish. Or not. Who knows.

04. Hit the mixer hard

A girl grabs from behind another who is wearing, on her breasts, like two watches or something similar. The countdown begins and the girl begins to shake the other's breasts. The reason? I do not know. Does it matter? Of course not.


03. Human Tetris

The contestants will have to pass through movable walls in the shape of one of the pieces of the famous Nintendo game (or other random shapes) that, by the way, presented their new Nintendo Switch console today . The result is better seen in the video.

02. Human (un) sewing machines

Two teams rotate a machine with which they undress a girl until she is topless. Isn't the human being wonderful?


01. To the rich cockroach!

Who wouldn't want a cockroach in their mouth? I think nobody. These girls are trying, blowing, that a cockroach does not end up inside them. Fascinating and delicious!

Which of these  10 Japanese YouTube contests do you prefer?