Common problems in Spotify and how to fix them

Spotify problems

Spotify is still the king of the streaming music industry. Despite the fact that it currently has many competitors, a list that is gradually expanding, the service already has more than 70 million active users, a fairly juicy figure. Spotify usually works very well, both in the desktop version and in the applications for Android or iOS , but it is true that sometimes many users complain of problems that are quite uncomfortable and leave us without knowing what to do for a while. If you are a regular on the platform and do not want to be blank when they happen to you, we are going to mention some of the most common errors and their possible solutions.

How to fix streaming problems

If you are having problems when it comes to enjoying streaming music, calm down. You can take a number of steps yourself to fix the problems. On many occasions these errors are part of a problem with the connection or with the device itself. Sometimes you will find the error "Can't play the current track" and other times you will see "You are offline", when you are clearly connected to the Internet. Then follow the next steps:

  • Activate airplane mode on your device and wait 30 seconds. Then turn it off
  • Restart the device you are using Spotify on .
  • Restart the router. Unplug the wireless router from power for 60 seconds, and then plug it back in.
  • Check the location of the router. If it's hidden behind something, move it higher where there are no other objects.

If none of this solves the problem, you should make sure that you can use other services on that device. You may need to test the connection with an Ethernet cable from the modem to a computer to see if it works.

Spotify problems

How to fix sound problems

On many occasions, users have reported that when they open the application and start playing music, they do not hear the selected tracks. If this ever happens to you, the first thing to check is the Spotify volume on Mac or Windows. Next, click on the speaker in Windows and then on the mixer to make sure Spotify isn't muted there either. On the other hand, also check that the system volume is activated in iOS or Android and that you do not have the Bluetooth headphones connected.

How to reset your password

A very common problem in Spotify is that you cannot log in. This may be due to a problem with the service password. If this happens to you, you can use this link to reset your password by entering your username or email. The company will send you a password reset email.

How to recover deleted playlists

Have you accidentally deleted a music list and want to get it back? Login with Spotify on your computer from here and click Recover Playlists. If you just deleted one it may not appear yet, but it will show up on this page in the near future. When you see it, click Restore to restore it to your account.

How to erase devices that we no longer use

Spotify only allows online music playback on three devices with a Premium account. If you are interested in removing any of the ones you have, you can go to your account page and click Remove to remove it and add another.