Lowi and Vodafone down, internet service not working

lowi vodafone internet does not work

This morning, Vodafone and Lowi users woke up with an unpleasant surprise. Internet is not working . Many users, including myself, report a drop in the general service of all products related to the signing of both companies. Neither the WiFi nor the wired connection over Ethernet works at this time. The fall, as Lowi confirmed a few minutes ago through a tweet on the social network Twitter, affects nationally , and for the moment the services are still inactive.

Lowi and Vodafone Internet is not working

Lowi and Vodafone, two of the main companies that drink from the same business group, suffer at this time one of the largest drops in Internet service recorded to date. The drop in question affects a large number of users of the Fiber and Fiber + mobile services , and a large part of the peninsula is reporting connection problems, as we can see in the map provided by Down Detector. Neither does the Vodafone website load, thus confirming that it is a crash of both Lowi and Vodafone servers.

vodafone lowi crashed does not work

Regarding the affected communities and provinces, we speak of Salamanca, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Valladolid, Granada, Zaragoza, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Alicante . In most, the drop in service is total. In others, on the other hand, the drop is intermittent, causing the connections to the network to be discontinuous. At this time, the network is still down in all the territories that we have just mentioned, and it is expected that others will join in the following hours. Either way, we'll update the article with the status of the service.

Network reset could take up to several days

Although it has not yet been confirmed, Vodafone announced a few minutes ago that its Fibra + Móvil customers will have unlimited 4G browsing until the network is re-established. This does not suggest that the restoration of service could take longer than desired.

César, we are working to solve this massive incidence at the national level as soon as possible. We are already with you by DM!

- Lowi (@Lowi_es) February 19, 2019

From Tuexperto we recommend you make a formal complaint to the customer service of either of the two companies. If the connection remains down for at least 6 hours between 8 and 22 hours, we may demand financial compensation through the monthly bill.