Amazon Prime goes up to 36 euros a year, is it worth it?

Amazon Prime goes up to 36 euros a year, is it worth it?

The inevitable has ended up happening. The exclusive Amazon Prime service, which includes numerous benefits and services added to Amazon customers for a fixed annual fee, has just made its well-advised price increase effective. From 20 euros per year we will enter, annually, 36 euros . If we make the division between the 12 months of the year, we have a monthly fee of 3 euros. Obviously nobody likes to have the price of things raised, but it was inevitable. Amazon has only been adding services to Amazon Premium that, without a doubt, were going to make the service more expensive.

Amazon Prime, now for 36 euros a year

On the one hand, hundreds of books included and ready to be downloaded on our tablet. For 0 euros, included in the fee, we have access to a library with which to spend our leisure time. On the other, Amazon Music Prime, a catalog not comparable to Spotify (it has about two million songs) but is attractive enough to get you out of tedium, for a while, at a certain moment. To these two new services we must add, of course, those that Amazon Premium customers already enjoyed before.

How to get the most out of your Amazon Prime subscription

What do we enjoy with Amazon Prime?

  • Free 24-hour shipping on two million products and 2-3 day shipping on millions more
  • Amazon Prime Video. A streaming platform to watch series (some of them produced by Amazon itself), movies, documentaries and TV shows. It does not have the variety of Netflix, but it must be remembered that it is a service integrated with many others for a price of 3 euros (now) per month.
  • Twitch Prime. Monthly games and exclusive content in games, subscriptions to Twitch channels
  • Priority access to flash offers. Every day, Amazon launches products on sale for all its customers. The Amazon Prime user has preferential access to these offers, thus ensuring an item in the event that it had so much demand that it was out of stock. In addition, you can thus organize the offers in advance to see what you really need.
  • Prime Photos. Free unlimited photo storage on Amazon Drive, plus 5 GB free for other types of files, such as videos or text documents.
  • Amazon Family. 15% discount on diaper subscriptions through Subscribe and Save. Plus, discounts and exclusive offers on Amazon Family.

amazon prime

All these services are for the user for 36 euros per year. To relativize the price, we are going to go to the prices that it has in other countries of the world. For example, in the United States, Amazon Prime costs the user a total of $ 120 per year . In euros it represents an outlay of about 102 euros. It is true that we cannot compare the standard of living in the United States with us, but the difference is evident. In England it is an expense of about 90 euros per year. Also, in France, the subscription costs 50 euros. This is already a little closer to what we pay, with the obvious difference in quality of life.

Are they worth 36 euros for these services?

This question has, at the same time, a very simple and a very difficult answer. Each person is a world and their needs, another. If someone does not use their account, no matter how cheap it may be, in the end it will end up being expensive. If, on the other hand, you usually make a lot of purchases and make use of other of their services, such as listening to music or watching series, 3 euros per month we see a very reasonable price. The decision, in the end and as always, is in the hands of the consumer.