The Star Wars Millennium Falcon on paper and ready to cut


Here we have a homemade invention for fans of the Star Wars saga and for fans of crafts. These are templates to build the legendary Millennium Falcon ship made of paper . It seems like a joke, but the result is more than interesting and affordable materials.


This has been set up in Japan, the birthplace of the great geeks, a certain Shunichi Makino . If you decide to embark on this project, you can see the step-by-step instructions, taking a look at this website . The comments are in Japanese and English, but in general, the difficulties are not insurmountable.


All you have to do is print all the templates , cut out each of the pieces and then stick them in the order established in the instructions. The templates are designed to print in Din A4 size, but if we do it on a larger paper, perhaps we can even introduce the robots from Star Wars in life size or wear replicas of the Star Wars helmets and imitate Darth Vader himself .


As we can see, it does not lack detail, it has absolutely everything, except strength , of course. Remember that you have to be careful with the scissors and if we have a problem, we can always ask an adult for help.


Via: geeky-gadgets.