The most terrifying urban legends on the Internet

urban legends

The stories that were told around the fire, during a summer camp, have changed. The arrival of the Internet has led to a multitude of terrifying, gruesome and mysterious stories being born under its protection. It is a territory in which it seems that the laws of logic have yet to develop, a virtual world in which anything can happen. If to this we add the viral nature of their messages and that there are people with a lot of imagination and free time, it is to be assumed that urban legends have multiplied exponentially.

We are going to tell you some of the urban legends born under the protection of the Internet that we have found the most shocking and terrifying. Give way to stories that will give you goose bumps, what is known as "creepypastas": the most terrifying urban legends on the Internet.

The red rooms or "red rooms"

There is a part of the internet that few know. Few dare to enter. Many of those who enter, furthermore, do not do so with the best of intentions. It is a site, they say, full of ads where it is possible to hire a hit man or buy hard drugs. Also, where child pornography is trafficked. An excellent breeding ground for any urban legend. Like this one of the red rooms.

Red rooms, or "red rooms" are rooms in which people are tortured . Anonymous people who are kidnapped, transferred to these rooms and tortured to death. And you are her audience. You can watch the "show", as if it were a porn show, and pay for a special kind of torture.

ANNA is sad

A seemingly harmless page, which even appeals to the solidarity of the people, can become somewhat disturbing, simply because it is included in the deep web. Still, to this day, it is not known what the reasons for this page are .

The page is very simple. So much so that the suspicion came precisely from the reasons why such a page was in the deep weeb : a black and white GIF from an anime series , in which a desolate teenager is seen, crying, a musician very sad and the following legend:

“ANNA is sad… Please HELP and DONATE bitcoins for a good reason”.

Followed by a green color code to make the donation. Then the instructions: donate, send an email to an address and receive a gift. Yes, you donate and you receive a gift. How strange, right? Many are the speculations: that if it is a page that promotes anorexia (ANNA is the name given to the pages in which eating disorders are promoted).

To further curl the curl, the page is classified as "adult content . " For what reason, if it is just a page to donate money to a girl who seems to be having a hard time? At the moment, it is not known what the ANNA is sad page hides.


One of the most legendary creepypastas on the Internet along with the Slenderman. A video in which Mickey Mouse can be seen walking through the city can become a macabre piece of terror so disturbing that it incites suicide to all those who see it in its entirety. In the video, we can see how the mythical Disney rodent walks sad, sad. As if dragging a huge depression. Something inappropriate for a character like this. According to legend, everyone who sees this video from beginning to end falls into a spiral of death and self-destruction .

Video can also be used, according to the legend of the deep web, to summon the devil. It is written on a paper "Suicidemouse.avi". Next, two black candles are lit, one placed in the S of Suicide and the other in the E. We take a stuffed animal from our childhood and place it on top of the paper. Finally, we say out loud "Suicidemouse.avi do you want to play with me" 5 times while we play the video.

Here you have the video. It is really disturbing , especially because of the shrill sounds and image warping that it presents as it progresses. If you decide to see the whole thing or even do the ritual, remember that it is your responsibility.

The expressionless


One of the most disturbing and mysterious stories that we have seen on the Internet. A woman arrives at a hospital after having an accident. Nothing strange, apparently. The strange thing about it is the woman's face, an alien face, without eyebrows, expressionless. She arrived in a white dress, stained with blood and a cat caught between her teeth , dead. The moment he released the cat, she fainted witheringly.

They prepared her for sedation. At that moment, the expressionless one shook off the medical staff with all her might, outlining a terrifying smile that revealed needle-sharp teeth. She went straight to the doctor and dug her teeth into his neck, ripping off his jugular. The doctor looked at her, wondering who it was. She replied:

"I am god"

Nothing is known of the origin of this photograph, so many believe that this urban legend has more of reality than myth. Who knows the true story?

The smiling man

Imagine that you are bored at home and cannot sleep. You go out for a walk at night and, when you turn the corner, you find a mysterious figure, tap dancing, in a jacket, smiling at you. You pass by and the suspicious figure decides to follow you . Decide to follow you forever and ever. A YouTube user decided to tell the terrible story in a great short that we link here.


In a special about creepypastas, the story of the tall man could not be missed: the slenderman was created in a forum on the Something Awful website and is represented by an inordinately tall and thin figure, dressed in black, with huge arms and without a face. It is said that he harasses children, kidnapping them and subjecting them to the most terrible torture. There are numerous works of fiction based on their mythology: one of the most famous is the web series "Marble Hornets", one of the most terrifying that can be seen on the Internet.

Up here we leave you with the series. We recommend viewing it in the dark and with headphones . The experience can be really chilling, to the point of doubting if what we are seeing is a work of fiction or if, on the contrary, it has something real.

Squidward's suicide

We leave you with another of the most mythical creepypastas in the history of the Internet. In this case we have as the protagonist Squidward, a character from the animated series SpongeBob SquarePants. Legend has it that a former Nickelodeon worker, the channel where this youth series is broadcast, remembered an episode, banned by the producers, in which Squidward could be seen performing music. All the characters boo him. Then, Squidward can be seen in bed, depressed about his performance, bursting into tears. Subsequently, he begins to leak blood from his eyes in an exaggerated way and commits suicide , shooting himself in the mouth.

This episode was shown to producers who rejected it as soon as they saw it. In addition, they had inserted images of children being shot . A YouTube user has recreated the episode in great detail. It was never known whether the episode actually existed or not.

Tell us your favorite urban internet legend in the comments section. We hope you have a good night.