How much does it cost to change the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10e in 2020

This is what it costs to repair the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10e 1

The Galaxy S10e is the cheapest high-end mobile that the South Korean firm currently offers in its catalog. However, the device maintains some of the virtues of its older brothers, such as the screen, the processor or the memory configuration. This directly affects the final repair price . In fact, the difference with respect to their counterparts are negligible, even more so if we talk about the screen. How much does it cost to change the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10e? We see it below.

Galaxy S10e: this is what it costs to repair your screen

The most recommended option if we want to repair the screen of the Galaxy S10e is precisely to go to the official technical service, which in this case is paid by Anovo. It is because it is the only way that can provide us with original components , together with authorized Samsung stores.

  • Access the official Samsung technical service

The repair price that the company estimates is 195 euros for the full replacement of the AMOLED panel together with the touch panel. If we opt for an authorized store, such as Phone House, the price rises to 220 euros . The good thing is that the chain has points of sale in practically the entire peninsula, so we will not be forced to send the phone. It should also be noted that all repairs have a 6-month warranty.

galaxy s10 lcd repair screen price change

The last option we can use to repair the phone screen is to use unofficial third-party stores. Phone Alert, for example, estimates the repair at 280 euros . In the case of iRepair Phone, a store based in the Spanish capital, the price for replacing the touch glass together with the AMOLED panel is 260 euros . In the first case, the warranty period extends up to one year, while in the second it decreases to 6 months.

What if I decide to change the screen myself?

If we decide to repair the phone ourselves, a quite viable option is to go to stores like eBay. Unfortunately, most of the components that we can find through this route are not original , but compatible. Functional differences should not be noticeable: yes qualitative.

  • Option 1 : 200 euros
  • Option 2 : 175 euros
  • Option 3 : 174 euros