Eurovision 2020, this will be the show that replaces the traditional contest

Eurovision 2020, this will be the show that replaces the traditional contest

Dry your tears full of glitter, eurofan, Eurovision 2020 has not been canceled at all . And it is that the organizers of the festival and the Netherlands have decided to take a twist and take advantage of the virtues of the Internet and technology to make up for the cancellation. In other words: there is going to be a special gala that will replace the European song contest. It will be called Eurovision: Europe shine a light or Europe shine a light, and it will be a review of the 41 songs that would have participated in the original contest if it had been carried out. But beware, there will be surprises.

What Europe Shine A Light proposes is to review the 41 songs and artists that would have participated in Eurovision 2020. With which there will be space to see and hear their artists. Although it will not be the live performances that we all expected. However, the event organizers have more surprises in store to ensure that this European song festival does not go unnoticed. Among them they have revealed that they will bring together the Eurovision 2020 singers to cover the song Love Shine A Light by Katrina And The Waves , which won the 1997 edition of the United Kingdom.

In addition, it is known that former Eurovision contestants have been contacted to work on a version of songs from the latest edition adapted to the current reality of Europe. Have they discovered the concept "chirigota"? What's more, other artists are also expected to cover songs from the Eurovision past to remember them.

In addition, in the two hours that this European gala will last, there will be time for a sing along . That is, for all viewers to sing one song at a time throughout Europe. The chosen one is the song What's Another Year by Johnny Logan. It was the song that won Eurovision in 1980 in The Hague. The second time Ireland won this contest. That is why the organizers have urged fans to record themselves with their most Eurovision look singing this song complete, and they will make a special montage to broadcast at the gala. By the way, this event will be presented by Chantal Janzen, Edsilia Rombley and Jan Smit. And maybe their faces are familiar to you because they participated in different editions of Eurovision.

Eurovision 2020

How and where to watch Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light

But let's get to the important thing: where to see this gala. The event will replace the Eurovision 2020 final that will take place on May 16 in the Netherlands . Therefore, it will take place on the same date. And it will start at 9 pm. As we have already said, it is expected to last around two hours.

To see it you will have to go to the Eurovision YouTube channel. Here it will be broadcast strictly live, although the content we will see will be edited, of course. The good thing is that you will have the option of watching it directly on your mobile, tablet, computer or on your smart TV. You just have to open the YouTube application and search for the Eurovision channel to join the broadcast.

Of course, the organizers of Eurovision will also broadcast this special gala through 46 channels. Among them is TVE , so if you want to watch the event on television (or also from your mobile through its app) you can follow it comfortably. Just as if it were Eurovision.

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There will also be semifinals

If you are a staunch Eurofan you probably already know that there will also be the semi-finals before the Eurovision final gala. They will be on May 12 and 14 , as the actual semifinals would have been if they had occurred. Of course this time there is no contest and there will be eliminations. However, the organizers once again point out that there will be surprises and special content beyond the reproduction of the 41 songs that participated in Eurovision 2020.

By the way, what is known is that in the first batch, on the 12th, there will be Holland, Germany and Italy. And they ensure their participation on the 14th of Spain, France and the United Kingdom, in addition to the rest of the participants who did not enter the first semifinal.

In addition to the surprises, the Eurovision organizers have been collecting videos of eurofans from all over the world who have wanted to participate in this production. And that is why they will show montages with their dances and looks during the broadcast.

Again, to see all this content they urge us to follow the Eurovision channel on YouTube .