Canal + disappears from the television grid


After 26 years of history, Canal + , the legendary television channel has just disappeared from our lives . Today , February 1, 2016 , Canal + is no longer available. In its place is # 0 , the new Movistar + channel , mainly dedicated to self-produced programs with great signings such as Andreu Buenafuente, Raquel Sánchez Silva, Iñaki Gabilondo, Jon Sistiaga, Eva Hache, Hugo Silva, Quim Gutierrez, Javier Coronas, Javier Cansado  and   Pepe Colubi . Some repeat - or rather, stay - on Channel # 0; others are released with entertainment, fiction, sports and information spaces. In fact, they will follow shows like  the Robinson Report, The Day After or Maldini Fever . There will be some sports broadcasts and BBC documentaries. A modern delight that puts an end to more than two decades of television history… And you, do you remember everything that was broadcast on Canal +?

Many of the programs were encrypted . The legend said that if you closed your eyes a little you could get to intuit what was on the screen. But in addition to encrypted movies, Canal + offered viewers a lot of programs that have marked an era. Lo + Plus was a talk show hosted by Máximo Pradera, Fernando Schwartz, Ana García Siñeriz and Ramón Arangí¼ena . It was broadcast live and offered fresh and intelligent humor that left viewers speechless. It had an audience and it was broadcast every day, right after eating. Another great program was Las noticias del guiñol , a satirical show that began in 1995and that caused a sensation throughout the country. Actually, they were born as a section of Lo + Plus , but they soon became independent. In total, 3,200 editions were issued . The guignol presenters, representing Marta Reyero, Hilario Pino and Michael Robinson , alternated the narration of the news with sketches of the most important personalities of the social, political and sports scene.

But there is more. If you remember, Canal + was also a pioneer channel when it came to offering musical content. On Saturday mornings, Del 40 al 1 , the television space of the homonymous program Los 40 principals , a review of the 40 most listened to songs of the moment, was broadcast . For a long time, the presenter of the program was the mythical Fernandisco , although later Tony Aguilar was also in charge . Now the program continues to be broadcast, but from 40 TV .

In the fiction section, Canal + has always stood out for offering quality premieres and series. Most were coded, but Friends became one of the most iconic series, aired punctually in the aftermath. But the chain also bet on The Sopranos , Seinfeld or Game of Thrones . But it has also opted for its own production, with the curious What was Jorge Sanz? and Crematorium .

But if Canal + stood out for something, it was for sports. The first game was Valencia - Atlético de Madrid in the 90-91 season , but as you will remember, all tournaments were paid. Today all these contents are also paid, but they are scattered among all the Movistar TV channels .

And you, what memories do you have of Canal + from then? Do you like the new programming of Channel # 0 ?