TP-LINK RE210, wireless network extender up to 750 Mbps


TP-LINK is a company specialized in the manufacture of wireless network extenders for home use, and this time its catalog has received the incorporation of the new  TP-LINK RE210 . This WiFi range extender comes to the market in a compact size and with compatibility with any standard router that allows it to offer speeds of up to 750 Mbps . The  TP-LINK RE210 will be available in stores in  Spain at the end of this month of April , and its official starting price will be set at 60 euros .

To better understand this product, the first thing we should know is that the new TP-LINK RE210 is a wireless network extender that allows you to expand the coverage of any WiFi signal , and works by connecting it directly to a power outlet located on the spot. in which you want to improve WiFi reception . We are facing a product oriented both for domestic use and professional use (in offices, for example), and its installation does not require any complicated initial configuration process; it is simply plugged into the socket and, in fact, it is the TP-LINK RE210 itself that indicates by means of an LED light ( green - well located, red - too far from the router, yellow- too close to the router) the most recommended place to locate the extender .


Entering technical matters, we will begin by mentioning that the new  TP-LINK RE210 not only incorporates two external antennas to increase the WiFi signal , but also has a Gigabit Ethernet port that allows connecting a device to the Internet directly through the cable ( which is especially useful when, for example, connecting a Smart TV to the Internet with the router located too far away to extend a cable). The  TP-LINK RE210 is compatible with the Wi-Fi 802.11 AC standard , and is capable of operating simultaneously on the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, which gives you the ability to offer combined speeds of up to 750 Mbps .

The  TP-LINK RE210 does not require any installation, and is activated by placing it in a socket and then pairing it with the router by simply pressing simultaneously on a specific button on the extender and on a specific button on the router. Of course, using this signal booster does not pose any danger to the privacy of the WiFi network , and users will still need to have the corresponding password to connect to the signal.

In the coming days it will be possible to buy the  TP-LINK RE210 in specialized stores throughout Spain for a recommended price of 60 euros . And if we are looking for other alternatives related to the domestic WiFi signal for our home, within the TP-LINK company itself we have other options such as the  TP-LINK T2U, a wireless USB adapter , or the  TP-LINK Archer C2, a router with WiFi AC .