Roomba iRobot 890, we have tested it

Roomba iRobot 800 Series, we have tested it

The field of technology at the service of domestic cleaning is only progressing by leaps and bounds. You can now say goodbye, for example, to back pain from carrying heavy vacuum cleaners that woke up all the neighbors. Now we have at our disposal the roombas, small cleaning robots that sweep and polish by themselves. As simple and convenient as ordering a daily program while you are away from home to keep the floor as the first day.

We have had the opportunity to test the high-end cleaning robot iRobot  890 with WiFi connection and we tell you in detail what we think about it. We have done several cleaning programs, used its accessories and performed maintenance. So, without further ado, we present to you the Roomba iRobot 890.

What do we find when we open the box of the Roomba iRobot 890?

Of course, the first thing we see is the robot: completely round and elegant deep black with dark copper edges. On the front, we have the power button, the Home button and the localized cleaning button. It comes with the charging base. Simply, we must always leave it connected so that the roomba is placed automatically after the cleaning cycle. Thus, we will always have it with a full battery.

In addition, we have a good accessory: a rectangular bar, with rounded edges, with three options. This clear stick will act as a barrier during cleaning. Thus, the roomba will be prohibited from entering a room , or accessing dangerous areas. But let's not anticipate events.

Roomba iRobot 890, we have tested it 1

Roomba iRobot 890 Preparations

Starting to use this cleaning robot, a priori, is very simple. Place the Home Charging Base in an outlet that is not far from the ground. There must be at least half a meter of free space on each side . In addition, to be able to exit efficiently, the charging base must have 1.2 meters of space in front.

Next, download the iRobot HOME App from the Play Store and Apps Store, depending on whether you have Android or iOS. With this application you can access the roomba by remote control, via WiFi connection. Later we will see in detail what the iRobot HOME app offers us.

Place the roomba on the Home Base. At first it seems a bit complicated. Just hold it in until a yellow light comes on and a warning sounds. At that time, the roomba will begin to charge and the indicator lights will turn off after 60 seconds. Don't worry, the machine will continue to charge. To check the charge level, press the CLEAN button once.

Now we will proceed to connect our roomba with the home WiFi. This will allow us to operate the robot from the mobile in order to program up to 7 weekly cleaning cycles .

Before starting a charge cycle, make sure you have removed the safety tabs on the back of the robot cleaner. This is very important, because if you don't remove them the robot will not work.

How to start a cleaning cycle with the roomba iRobot 890

Starting a cleaning cycle, which takes about an hour and a half, is as easy as pressing a button. Simply, you will have to do a double click on the CLEAN button . The first tells you the level of charge and, with the second, the cleaning day will begin.

The roomba is not silent, we have to tell you this. Surely, you will not be able to use it while at home. To do this, you have at your disposal a cycle programmer that you can access from the iRobot application itself. You will only have to leave the roomba programmed and it will clean when there is no one at home.

From the app you will control everything related to the cleaning cycle. Whether you want to take a break or request that the roomba return to the charging station, you can do everything from the app. It is a very simple and intuitive application , with sections of care advice, presentation videos and cleaning statistics.

irobot home app

Once the roomba finishes the cleaning cycle, she returns to the charging station by herself. During cleaning, the roomba will remove all food debris, pet hair, and dirt it finds . It is really very powerful, with brushes that polish the floor and leave it shiny. Of course, it does not work miracles either: the iRobot 800 series will not be able to with food stains, oil, grease and other residue.

If you want the robot to focus on a very dirty area, simply press the crosshair button . At that time, the iRobot will make concentric circles around the area, for extra cleaning.

If you need the robot to finish the cycle early, simply press and hold the Clean button for a second. To return it to the charging base, press the home button.

irobot home 2 application

How to use the Virtual Wall

The Virtual Wall is that little rectangular bar that comes with your iRobot. It works with two AA batteries and has three positions: barrier, focus or off. With the barrier, place the Virtual Wall at the entrance of a  room . Roomba will not be able to access it during the entire cleaning cycle. With focus mode, you will create a virtual field through which the robot will not be able to do its work. This is ideal in areas of profusion of wiring, coat racks with bulky feet, areas of canine and cat relaxation or places with fragile elements such as side tables.

IRobot 890 Usage Precautions

Every time a cleaning cycle ends, you will need to remove the rear filters and empty them . It is curious to see the enormous amount of dirt that this iRobot is capable of removing, especially when you think that the floor is not too dirty. In the application you are indicated, as well as in light signals on the robot itself, when it needs a filter cleaning.

When you clean the different spaces of the roomba, make sure that the sensors are well cleaned : hit them with a cloth because even the slightest speck will continue to appear dirty and you will not be able to make it work. It is perhaps one of the slightly weaker points of the roomba. On the one hand, it is true that this will keep it clean and functional for longer, but we also waste a lot of time in leaving the machine pristine. There are times when no matter how much we give a cloth it will continue to appear as if it is dirty, so be patient.

irobot 800 series cleaning robot

In addition, another of the disadvantages that we have seen in the roomba is that there are rooms that are cleaned less than others. The roomba's movement is random : she makes concentric circles and when she collides with an obstacle she redirects her activity. So that this does not happen, we must make use of the Virtual Wall. Although, of course, we must be present during the cleaning cycle.

For the rest, the iRobot 890 roomba gives what it promises, which is not little: to have the floor clean every day, whether you are at home or not , without lifting a single finger. If you want to purchase this iRobot 890 roomba, you can get it on Amazon by [amazon_link asins = 'B071ZPSPNY' template = 'PriceLink' store = 'tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace =' ES 'link_id =' a6ce7ca9-7e90-11e7-8633-d5e8552c6b97 ′]