How to tell if your HP laptop has a bad battery and replace it

How to tell if your HP laptop has a bad battery and replace it

If you have an HP laptop, this information interests you. The North American company has launched a recall program for certain laptop batteries. Also from mobile workstations that can be faulty.

The initiative, which has been launched in cooperation with various government regulatory agencies, aims to replace batteries that can cause problems for users. Serious problems such as fire or burns. It appears that these batteries can overheat . So they carry significant risks for customers.

What you have to do first is check if your laptop has a faulty battery. Because not all have this problem. To begin with, you should know that they are those that were included at the time in the following laptop models : HP Probook 64x (G2 and G3), HP ProBook 65x (G2 and G3), HP x360 310 G2, HP ENVY m6 and HP Pavilion x360 and HP 11. Also on HP ZBook Mobile Workstations (17 G3, 17 G4 and Studio G3).

These computers, as reported by HP through a statement, were sold worldwide between December 2015 and December 2017 . Additionally, faulty batteries may have been purchased as accessories or replacement parts at HP stores. Or through authorized providers.

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How to tell if my HP laptop has a bad battery

The first thing we recommend is to check if your HP laptop can have one of these faulty batteries installed . If you bought them as an accessory, you will also have to check it.

Note that not all batteries are affected , even if they are part of the P ProBook 64x and 65x, HP x360 310 G2, HP ENVY, HP Pavilion x360 and HP 11 laptops. Also HP Zbook Mobile Workstations. To check, do the following:

1. You will need to download a specific program. This is HP Battery Program Validation Utility, a software that is not too heavy and that you can download to the computer in a matter of seconds. This tool is the one that will take care if your computer's battery is affected.

2. If you have problems installing this program, you can also download the fully charged battery validation utility. You will see that the validation process does not take more than 30 seconds .

If your battery is affected by this issue, you will need to apply for HP to arrange a free replacement. After you have entered your information (including the phone number), HP will contact you. The period is three working days .

If you have a problem, you can also contact by phone . In Spain, you have the following service numbers: 91 375 47 69 (Monday to Friday 08:30 - 18:00) and 91 375 47 70 (Monday to Friday from 08:30 - 17:30).

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What do I do if I have a bad battery in the meantime?

If the system tells you that you have a faulty battery, be careful. Keep in mind that many computers have an internal battery, so you cannot replace it directly at home . What HP does at the moment is to offer its customers the replacement service, through authorized technicians. And without added cost.

If you have already checked, the system will also provide you with a BIOS update automatically. This will allow the battery to be set to "Battery Safety Mode" . HP experts have recommended that users activate this option immediately.

Experts should be able to continue to use laptops or workstations without the battery, by connecting to an HP power adapter. By accepting this mode, the battery is discharged and charging is prevented until Safety Mode has been disabled. It's the safest way to keep using your laptops .