Los memes más divertidos para el Black Friday y el Cyber Monday

Desde el pasado lunes las marcas y tiendas ponen toda la carne en el asador para ofrecer sus mejores precios en el Black Friday, la fiesta de los precios bajos que se celebra cada último viernes, de manera oficial, en gran parte del mundo. Y no solo eso: el lunes siguiente al fin de semana del Black Friday se celebra el Cibermonday y también hay ofertas, esta vez en exclusiva de aparatos tecnológicos. Así que, si estabas esperando para comprar un ordenador, móvil, etc, espera al lunes porque puedes llevarte una sorpresa.

Pero aquí no estamos hoy para enseñarte las mejores ofertas del Black Friday o el Cibermonday sino los memes más divertidos que hemos encontrado en la red y que se toman el asunto con humor. ¡Comenzamos!

Con ofertas pero sin dinero

De lo más habitual del mundo. ¿Para qué queremos que los productos estén más baratos si ni siquiera vamos a poder tener dinero para compralos?

meme 01

El último día del Black Friday

Y eso que aún queda el Cibermonday. ¿Te has pasado con las compras? Es que comprar con la tarjeta parece que es menos gastar, ¿verdad? Pues verás cuando eches un vistazo a tu extracto bancario…


Los juegos de palabras siempre triunfan

'Black Friday' is not the same as 'Black Fry Day'. If you don't understand, you didn't see the Futurama series . That's clear.

meme 03

Word games always win (and 2)

With this meme we have broken the memetometer , without a doubt. We don't know if the one who came up with it is a genius or someone who should spend years and years behind bars. Maybe both.

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A very cinephile Black Friday

The main rule of the Fight Club is that you could not talk about the Fight Club and, the second, is that there were no rules in the fights . As with Black Friday, where people flock to take that TV with that chunk of discount.

meme 05

Black Friday yes, but Halloween no ...

In the end, people's hypocrisy explodes in their faces. The Spanish reject Halloween because, apparently, it is an 'American' party but then they are the first to buy something on 'Black Friday' that, as we all know, originated in Móstoles.

meme 06

Our friend Blas returns

And there are those who make a mess with so much English verbiage . And if not tell the owner of this position that the poor did not manage to write it well. Surely that attracted much more attention.

meme 07

The fights on Black Friday

Even Rocky, an expert in punching, has had a tough time getting his precious television. Before going to these extremes, we recommend buying online. More comfortable and safe! Of course, it is convenient to follow some tips to make your purchases on the networks. Don't get them with cheese!

The funniest memes for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday 1

Beware of mixing that night

You have to be very careful with alcohol as long as there are dates so marked that they mix , such as Thanksgiving night and Black Friday. Be careful, yes, because you can take the turkey out of the oven ... too black.

meme 09

And a cartoon that sums up our big problem

And, no matter how much Black Friday there is, if we don't have money in our wallet ... there are no worthwhile purchases. Who came up with a consumer party just at the end of the month? Who was the ingenious one!

meme 10