Samsung Chromebook 3, an 11.6-inch laptop with 11 hours of use

Samsung Chromebook 3

The Samsung Chromebook 3 is the next generation of Samsung's connected laptop. A computer with the Chrome operating system that brings some important news compared to the previous generation. For example, the Korean company has chosen to create a design in metal, instead of the use of plastic that has been a common trend in this type of notebook. In addition, the autonomy of the equipment has been improved by taking it  from 8 am to 11 am . Of course, Samsung continues to bet on a more compact 11.6-inch format with a competitive weight of 1.14 kilosthat will allow us to handle it and take it anywhere without problems. Due to its characteristics, this is a laptop that will have its natural habitat in environments such as classrooms or the office . At the moment there have been no official data on its price or launch date, although it should reach the market in the coming weeks. We explain its main characteristics.

The Korean company has not lavished on much data about the Chromebook 3 , which has been presented in the shadow of models such as the Samsung Galaxy TabPRO S or the Samsung Notebook 9 . What we do know, for example, is that this laptop will sport an 11.6-inch screen with HD resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels. It is a medium level of detail, sufficient for regular use of navigation or office applications. Samsung has done a good job in one of the main points of this type of notebook, the ease of carrying it in a backpack or suitcase anywhere. Thus, the Samsung Chromebook 3 has a very moderate weight of just 1.14 kilos, and it shows a thickness of1.7 centimeters . In addition, another important advance in this range is the use of a metal body , instead of the plastic that we have seen in previous generations (and in general in the vast majority of computers with Chrome OS).

Speaking of Chrome OS , we are facing a system that has found an important development in the field of education or business. These laptops use an interface very similar to that of the Chrome browser and base most of their use on the web. Although in Spain they have not been very successful so far, in countries like the United States they have become a major competitor for Windows laptops. In the bowels of the Chromebook 3 we find an Intel Celeron N3050 dual-core processor with a power of 1.6 GHz.  This process speed can be taken up to 2.16 GHz. Along with this chip, you can choose a RAM memory of 2GB or 4GB. This second option is recommended if we are going to watch videos often or use more tabs open at the same time.

The last detail that has been revealed from the Korean company is the improvement in the autonomy of this Chromebook, which makes the jump from eight hours of the previous model to eleven hours . At the moment no specific data has been given on the price, although the Samsung Chromebook 3 should reach the market in the coming weeks.