Mark Zuckerberg explains why Facebook Messenger is a standalone chat app


For a few months, if you want to talk with your friends through Facebook, you have to download a separate messaging application . However, until today we have not known why. The CEO of the company, Mark Zuckerberg , has responded to the reason for the existence of this independent application of the social network in a question and answer session that The Verge collects . In his own words, it all boils down to "an improvement in the user experience . "

Zuckerberg has said that, despite Facebook's goal is to provide information for people who have added as friends, users of the platform increasingly used over the courier . "Each person sends, at least, fifteen messages a day," said the founder of the network.

For the manager, having to open an application (Facebook) and follow a series of steps to get to the messages is unnecessary work . And it is that, those who have memory, will remember that before, in order to send messages through the social network, first you had to log in to your company account, click on the messages tab, look for the name of the company. person with whom you wanted to communicate and, finally, write the message. Now, all that is simplified with three steps : press the app, search for the contact and write the text . That is, you gain in productivity .


The company realized that the leaders in instant messaging applications have this type of system , since they are fast and are focused on only one use: to have a conversation. It is true that Zuckerberg admits that, in the short term, it can be annoying , but he is sure that users will soon get used to it. As its creator points out, the multinational has made great efforts to create an application that serves solely and exclusively to send and receive messages .

However, there is one thing that still does not convince us, and that is why there is no possibility of making this optional . “The reason this app is not voluntary is because we are creating something that is good for everyone . For this reason, we realized that we had to earn the trust of users , so the only way to do it was for consumers to test the app, "said the manager.

In addition, he has ensured that thanks to this application we can send and receive messages faster , in addition to offering a much better user experience than previously.

Apparently, the multinational created the app for the benefit of users , despite the fact that many clients of the social network do not see it that way. Likewise, if the application does not convince you, we will show you a way to view Facebook messages by avoiding this platform .