5 advantages and disadvantages of Joom and Wish

5 advantages and disadvantages of Joom and Wish

They are called Joom and Wish. And they are very similar applications . Both are used to make online purchases of all kinds of products. And for very, very cheap prices. In recent days you may have also seen them advertised on television. And they have risen to fame with great force.

Now many wonder what advantages and disadvantages these applications can present . Especially before starting to use them. What differences exist between them? And why might one be more recommendable than the other? Here are 5 advantages and disadvantages of Joom and Wish.

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1. Prices

One of the main attractions of both Joom and Wish are the prices. And this is one of its main reasons for being. The fact that you can buy items for a practically ridiculous price is a very interesting advantage. You must bear in mind, of course, that shipping costs are never free on Wish . The price of shipping can depend on several factors, such as the size, weight and destination of your order.

Also, you should bear in mind that, even if you make a joint purchase, the items may come from different sellers . And therefore, shipping costs will be applied for each of the products purchased. Take this condition into account to avoid scares at the end of your purchases.

In Joom most articles have free shipping . But equally, we recommend that you be especially attentive to this extreme. Lest in the end it costs you more shipping than the product in question.


2. Delivery times

They are extremely long for both platforms. Most likely you whether Joom shopping and Wish, afternoon between two and three weeks to receive the items . In the worst cases, an item may even more than three months to arrive at your home.

If you need something with some urgency, it is best to buy elsewhere. Because it is very likely that when you receive the package, you will not even remember what you had bought. And this is so on both platforms. Something very similar to what happens on Aliexpress . The offers are succulent, but delivery times take forever.


3. A chaos of products

The variety of items you can find, both on Jomm and Wish, is enormous. And although they are classified by areas or categories, sometimes it is difficult to dive and locate just the product we are looking for. It's like a kind of big-time bazaar. A place where it is easy to get lost. And get caught by bargains that you won't even use.

Fortunately, the user interface - both on the web and in the app - are quite clear. And it will be easy for you to dive between the different products. More than in other pages or applications dedicated to purchases. On Wish, for example, you'll see highlighted the products that have had the most success with users . And you will be able to observe specific indications, such as '+20,000 bought this', which will give you an idea about the usefulness or quality of the product.

Additionally, Wish offers a verification system for some products . This is a blue tick that appears just below products that have been tested and certified by Wish. This means that it is a quality product.

Joom is a slightly cleaner space when it comes to navigating between products. As soon as you access the application, you will see the Featured Products, Offers and Best Stores . The offers of the day are easy to identify, but you will need to do a more specific search to find what you are really looking for.

Of course, if you are one of those who enjoy strolling through the markets in search of bargains, with Joom and Wish you will enjoy equally. Because you can dive into a large number of categories at the same time, just taking into account which products are the most sold.


4. Succulent promotions

If there is something that you should take advantage of in Joom and Wish, it is last minute promotions . You have countless products with a discount applied if you buy them in the next few minutes. Or also discounts to purchase items that other users are buying at the same time as you. This is a particular advantage of Wish that makes it an especially interesting store to hunt for bargains.

In addition, both on Wish and Joom you will find last minute bargains. To get, for example, special items at a discount for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Black Friday or Carnival.

In Joom you will find all the products marked as promoted, along with the discount they include. But if you go to the Offers section, you will see all the promotions that you can take advantage of.

5. Track shipments

When you buy an item over the Internet, what you are most often interested in is being able to track the shipment. In this way, you know more or less when you will receive the order you have placed. Most of the products purchased through Wish have a tracking code . So that the user can easily follow the status of her order. It may happen, however, that depending on the seller, we do not have the option to control what state the package is in.

Joom does offer this service, with virtually no exceptions . As soon as the seller has chosen one of the carriers (the usual ones are SFExpress, Yun Express, Yanwen Express or China Post), the buyer can see the tracking number. And go checking the status of your shipment, from the My Orders section.

From here you can filter the results according to All, Waiting for shipment, Sent, Waiting for confirmation and Completed. In any case, the shipment will have to be made within 75 days after purchase. If we have not received it, it will be necessary to contact Joom to find a solution to our problem.

Unfortunately, in neither case (neither on Joom nor on Wish) will you have the opportunity to contact the seller of the item to inquire about an item or a shipment. You can follow them to see their products and promotions, but not chat with them. Something that you can do on Aliexpress.