LG Signature Twin Wash, a washer-dryer that does two laundry at the same time

LG Signature Twin Wash, a washer-dryer that does two laundry at the same time

The LG Electronics brand has just launched the Signature Twin Wash washer-dryer , capable of doing two washes at once. The model is part of a series of premium home appliances, LG Signature, which arrives for the first time in Spain.

LG Signature Twin Wash Washer-Dryer Features

This curious appliance stands out for its innovation in both design and functions. The LG Signature Twin Wash washer-dryer has two wash drums and a drying drawer .

In total, we are talking about a large capacity washing drum (up to 12 kilos) and another of 2 kilos for washing, in addition to a capacity of up to 7 kilos for drying.

The appliance can therefore wash up to 14 kilos of laundry at a time and give a hand wash finish. In addition, simultaneously, it can function as a dryer, tuning another 7 kilos.

On the other hand, the Signature Twin Wash is designed as a silent washing machine , since operating noise levels remain at 66 decibels.

Design and technology in the LG Signature Twin Wash

LG Signature Twin Wash Washer Dryer

As can be seen in the images, the design of the washing machine is quite striking and elegant. But at the operating level, LG has incorporated many technological details that facilitate the use of the appliance. The washer door is a circular LCD touch screen for easy control of the two washers.

In addition, the Signature Twin Wash can dose the amount of detergent automatically. To do this, it uses a dirt sensor that analyzes the level of detergent and softener required for each laundry.

The washer-dryer motor is guaranteed for 20 years .

Other appliances in the LG Signature line

In addition to the Twin Wash washing machine, LG has announced the arrival in Spain of other appliances from its new Signature range.

These are innovative models that stand out above all for their design and their usability over the Internet.

The LG Signature Door-in-Door InstaView refrigerator has a smart lighting system to view the contents from outside. You just need to tap the door twice and the surface panel will light up.

In addition, the refrigerator has a proximity sensor that automatically opens the door when we need it. Like the washing machine, the fridge has control functions via WiFi using a smartphone.

On the other hand, the LG Signature OLED W7 TV is one of the thinnest on the market. It has a flexible and ultra-thin surface (2.57 millimeters). It is equipped with magnets so that it can be placed anywhere in the house.

lg signature oled w7

The TV is also compatible with the HDR standard and has a 360º surround sound system.

LG Signature line appliances will be available exclusively at El Corte Inglés. The brand will make a premium after-sales service available to customers .