The craziest things you can buy on Aliexpress

The craziest things you can buy on Aliexpress

The Chinese product store has such a quantity of products in its warehouses that they can range from the most normal and everyday, to the most absurd and bizarre. So that we understand each other, they have everything.

And to prove it, we have carried out an extensive search among a multitude of the most diverse products, of which we have selected 10 to share with all of you .

So, if you want to  find the craziest products that you can throw at your face,  you should not miss this special that is coming strong. We started!

USB hand warmer

USB hand warmer

Are your hands cold? That's because you want to, since with these cute gauntlets, it will no longer be a problem to worry about. With a fun toast design , they make a great Christmas gift. You will not leave anyone indifferent, we assure you that.

With a power of 50 W, its battery is charged via USB to preserve heat for about 8 to 10 hours on a full charge. Each batch of two units costs only 7.50 euros. Are you still thinking about it?

foot corrector

Foot corrector

Yes, you read correctly. Although the name may be a bit histrionic, they are only 1 pair of breathable separators to take care of the health and correct position of our feet. It can be worn daily with all types of shoes , and helps reduce discomfort and relieve tension.

Its price is laughable. For just 3.10 euros start taking care of the health of your feet. They will be grateful to you.

led eyelashes

LED tabs

As if LED gloves, LED shoes, LED necklaces, LED bracelets were not enough ... we get totally unnecessary LED eyelashes . For what? Well, not at all at all, but hey, you'll always look cool at the party on duty.

This pair of LED false eyelashes will make you the life of the party , unless everyone has had the same idea. In that case, you can always try to wear more accessories with LED lighting. These tabs specifically cost 2.40 euros.


Giant inflatable slide

Does anyone have a large yacht on hand? If so, then don't miss out on this great Everest-size inflatable slide offer to entertain all your guests at your parties aboard your brand new luxury boat.

There are two models that vary in their crazy dimensions: on the one hand, we have the option of 6x2x4 meters, while the other measures 10x2x4.75 meters . Depending on the version you choose, they cost 2,080 or 3,750 euros. Of course, shipping is totally free.

monkey mop

Baby mop jumpsuit

We all know that babies are lying on the floor all day crawling from one side of the house to the other, so, since we are, why not take advantage of it? That very thing, or something similar, is what must have gone through the heads of the designers of such a grotesque garment.

Made with cotton, the truth is that, jokes aside, they seem quite comfortable, with two color options to choose from . And from what they say in the comments, people are delighted with their purchase. It can be yours for just under 10 euros.


Mouth exerciser

We now come to a question about aesthetics ... or so we think. This mouth “massager” will help us to exercise the muscles spread over the cheeks, chin and other areas of the face that with age, as they stop looking the same firmness as before.

They tell us that spending just 3 minutes a day is enough , with a series of regular exercises such as opening and closing your mouth, and… opening and closing your mouth. Come on, what the typical mouth movements have been.

If such a discovery tempts you, it costs just 1.60 euros of nothing. If showing off your face doesn't have to be so expensive .


Face steamer

We continue with the aesthetics section, now with a cold mist ultrasonic USB humidifier for the deep and sensual cleaning of our face.

This device is valid for both a torn and an unstitched. Designed for comprehensive skin care , it avoids typical problems such as excessive dryness and impurities of the skin, keeping it clean and healthy. If it even prevents colds!

I don't know what you are waiting for, get one for only 13.45 euros. Pure gold.

nose corrector

Nose corrector

If before we have included an exerciser for the mouth, a nose corrector could not be missing either. If he does not give us the money to turn to a surgeon, we can always resort to the low cost option with this device that seems to be taken from a museum of torture instruments.

Made with equal parts steel and silicone, this nose corrector is capable of straightening our bridge . We don't really know if it will be very comfortable, or if it even works, but we are excited to have it, what the hell! Also, for only a measly 11.30 euros, there is no need to think about it.


Multifunction Shower Curtain

Are you bored in the shower? That's because you want to, because on Aliexpress you will find this curious multifunction waterproof shower curtain where we can store any mobile device without danger of it being damaged.

You no longer have an excuse to detach from your mobile even when you are taking a bath. Píllalo for a paltry 8.90 euros.


Donald Trump toilet brush

Many people detest the figure of the current president of the United States. Well, for all of them, we bring you this unique brush with which you can scrub the caricatured face of the real estate mogul on your own ... Well, you understand me.

Best of all, the much talked about Trump toupee, here serves as a brush with which to clean your toilet. Creative and hilarious in equal measure , definitely a great gift for any Secret Santa party. What's more, if President Trump is not your style, you can always opt for the design of other great celebrities.

Whichever you choose, they all cost 3.40 euros.

What do you think of our selection? Some of these products are genuine fireworks, although surely there is always someone who knows how to get them out. And you, what is the strangest thing you have come across while browsing Aliexpress? Share it with us in the comment box.