LG WK7 XBOOM AI ThinQ, portable speaker with Google Assistant

LG WK7 XBOOM AI ThinQ, portable speaker with Google Assistant

Your Expert RecommendedSmart speakers are here to stay. This year we have experienced a real “boom” in this type of device. The arrival of "official" models has paved the way for models from other brands. Like the LG WK7 XBOOM AI ThinQ, a wireless speaker capable of reproducing Hi-Res audio and that includes the Google Assistant .

The WK7 was born from LG's collaboration with Meridian, a pioneer in high-resolution audio. They have created a small speaker capable of reproducing lossless stereo audio in a very contained size . In addition, it incorporates the Google Assistant, with which we can control any smart device in the house that is compatible. In short, a wireless speaker that is proposed as an alternative to the Google Home. The LG WK7 XBOOM AI ThinQ is already on sale in Spain with a price of around 200 euros. We are going to know its characteristics.

LG WK7 XBOOM AI ThinQ datasheet

TypeWireless speaker
Speakers0.8 "Tweeter, 3.5" Woofer
Supported formatsHi-Res 24Bit / 96KHz, MP3, OGG, ALAC, FLAC, WAV
Sound modesClear Vocal, Bass Enhancement, Standard, Hands-free
Wireless connectivityWiFi, Bluetooth 4.0
TicketsAux In MiniJack 3.5mm
OthersGoogle Assistant


Dimensions135 x 210.7 x 135 mm
Weight1.9 kg
Release dateAvailable
Price200 euros

Meridian Technology

Although voice assistants are the true stars of smart speakers, the truth is that they are still speakers. So we should choose one that provides good sound when playing music .

To achieve this, LG has partnered with Meridian, a company that has been in the audio world for more than 60 years and that have been pioneers in high resolution audio. The idea of ​​this collaboration is to provide an exceptional sound experience for music lovers.

The LG WK7 XBOOM AI ThinQ is equipped with class D amplifiers, driving a 0.8 ”tweeter and a 3.5” woofer . Together they get a total power of 30W .

in depth LG WK7 XBOOM AI ThinQ Meridian

It is equipped with Clear Vocal and Enhanced Bass systems . The former allows you to hear the detailed and clear singer's voice at the highest volume without distortion. The second ensures that the kick of the kick drum and the bass tones of the bass can be intensified if we wish.

And as Meridian specialists in Hi-Res Audio, the WK7 had to be able to play these types of files. Specifically, it can reproduce lossless stereo audio of up to 96 kHz / 24-bit quality . And, digital music can also be audiophile, with higher sample rates and bit depths that can contribute to a more pleasant and accurate listening experience.

Sleek and compact design

The LG WK7 XBOOM AI ThinQ sports a nice cylindrical design in black . Almost the entire front is covered by an acoustic mesh, also in black.

in-depth LG WK7 XBOOM AI ThinQ top

At the top of the speaker we have the few controls that it includes. We see a couple of buttons to raise and lower the volume, as well as another to pause and resume playback. The fourth button is for the Google Assistant. And in the central part a Function button.

We have one last button, which is slightly hidden. We have it in the back and it serves to disconnect the microphone. So we can have a little "privacy" whenever we want.

The speaker has a full dimensions of  135 x 210.7 x 135 millimeters, with a weight of 1.9 kg . It is IPV6 certified so, in principle, it is not ready for use in difficult conditions.

LG WK7 XBOOM AI ThinQ image gallery

Google Assistant included

The LG WK7 is a smart speaker, so one of its great attractions is the incorporation of the Google Assistant . The implementation of this AI system is the same as that found in Google Home speakers.

That is, we can ask you practically all kinds of questions , from the weather this week to the most relevant news of the day. We can also use it as an agenda, instructing you to write down appointments, reminders or to make any type of list. Then we just have to ask him what we have on the agenda for today.

And, of course, we can also play our favorite music through voice commands . The Google Assistant allows you to play radio stations, Spotify playlists and even music in general just by asking.

Thorough LG WK7 XBOOM AI ThinQ Assistant

And if we have other devices at home that work with the Google Assistant, we can use the LG WK7 XBOOM AI ThinQ as a control center . Using your voice, it will be possible to control lights, smart plugs, thermostat, surveillance cameras, appliances and much more.

Also, thanks to Chromecast technology, it will be easy to connect the LG WK7 with other compatible audio devices , such as wireless speakers and sound bars. We can play the same music in several rooms or manage the playback individually.

Price and availability

In short, we are facing a smart speaker that goes one step further. Yes, it has the same Google Assistant that we find in other models, but it offers better audio reproduction. Meridian technology makes the WK7 capable of reproducing Hi-Res tracks with high quality.

in depth LG WK7 XBOOM AI ThinQ price

It also does so while maintaining a compact and elegant design. Its understated black color blends perfectly with almost any home. The LG WK7 XBOOM AI ThinQ is starting to reach Spanish stores specializing in audio and video equipment. We have been able to locate it in a well-known online store with a price of around 200 euros .