Dungeon Rampage, action and role-playing game for Facebook

dungeon rampage 01

The variety of genres that we can find in the social network Facebook allows us to have games for all tastes , from the most popular such as puzzles or skill to genres for the most gamers such as role playing , which are increasingly present in the social network. Dungeon Rampage recently arrived on the social network and has managed to win over the most gamer audience on Facebook , with multiple possibilities for character creation and a multiplayer mode that offers many hours of fun.

With a cartoon- style visual , the game offers us the possibility of creating our little avatar, who will be the hero of a land surrounded by magic, dungeons and monsters, where our little character will feel at home. We will have at our disposal different points of interest that will serve to improve or advance the game, such as the tavern, the training grounds, the store or the coliseum itself, an instantiated and accessible world for us and more friends where everything there will be what to do is fight.

The character improvement system is by levels with a variety of modifiable attributes. This means that as you go up in level, can manually improve various statistics that make up the skill of our hero both melee and magic, as well as to improve our quantity of life or maximum mana. Every detail of our hero will be at our fingertips, and nothing will be free from modifications on our part.

Beyond how to make or modify our character is the colosseum and the dungeons, the true core of the game in which we will spend hours playing alone or with Facebook friends . Thus, different waves of enemies and obstacles will appear that we will have to overcome cooperatively, avoiding that nobody is left behind and that no hero is left behind. To do this, we must coordinate our attacks and perfectly know our role in each fight, and know how to use our skills at all times. There will be times when we will have to focus our attacks on a single enemy or on waves of small fighters that will fall easily with the help of area attacks.

With each advance in the dungeons we will earn new objects such as weapons or bonuses in combat that we can buy in the store or use directly in the confrontations. There will be no place to relax in this game, which despite maintaining the essence of an RPG maintains the frenzy of an action game. In addition , being able to play with Facebook friends cooperatively, fighting hand-to-hand and reviving the fallen is an addition that is really worth it and makes the game much more interesting. In short, if you like role - playing games whose combats are in real time and not in turns, adapted to social networks along with their possibilities,feel free to give Dungeon Rampage a try, preferably with your Facebook friends for a better online gaming experience.