How to watch YouTube videos on your computer while working

How to watch YouTube videos on your computer while working

Do you use Chrome as your web browser? Have you updated to the latest version, Chrome 70? If so, you have available a new functionality that, perhaps, you do not know. It's called Picture-In-Picture and it will allow us to watch videos from, for example, YouTube, while we work on other things on the computer . It's quite a popular feature on mobiles, now reaching desktop and laptop computers.

Actually, Picture-In-Picture (PIP) functionality is available in Chrome from version 69 of the browser. But before it had to be activated by the user through the "flags". Now, with version 70 of Chrome, we already have it available directly in the browser . Let's see how it works.

How to activate PIP in Google Chrome

To activate it, we are going to use YouTube, the video streaming service par excellence. To do this, we open the YouTube website and launch any video that we want to see.

Once we are watching the video on YouTube, we put the mouse over the video and press the right button . And here we must stop along the way to explain a small detail.

how to watch YouTube videos on computer while working right button one

YouTube has its own menu when we right-click on a video. So how do we get Chrome's context menu to pop out? We will have to click a second time with the right button on the video that is playing .

By doing so, a different menu will appear from the first one we have seen.

how to watch YouTube videos on the computer while working right button two

In this second menu we have to look for the option " Image in image ". Clicking on this option will open a kind of floating window in which we will see the video in small. This window can be enlarged or made smaller, leaving it to our liking.

On the other hand, on the usual YouTube screen we will see a black screen and a message that says " This video is playing in picture-in-picture mode ". In addition, in the browser tabs, we will see a small blue window that warns us that the PIP option is being used.

Once the video is "out", you can continue browsing and using the computer without problems . Of course, you should know that the window with the video will be superimposed on any other window or application.

If this option does not appear, perhaps you do not have the updated Chrome browser. To update it you must go to Help - Google Chrome Information . You must have version 70 of Chrome.