The best apps for traveling by carpool

The best apps for traveling by carpool

Don't have your own vehicle? Tired of asking your father or brother? Has yours spoiled and can't be fixed? Or maybe you've never been a fan of driving and have preferred that others take you to your destination. Quiet because every day it is easier to travel by car without having to drive yourself and at affordable prices.

Traveling in a group means, apart from a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, new adventures and the possibility of making unforgettable friendships. A different trip that can be, apart from economic, maybe even indelible.

We are going to review the most popular and effective apps for you to travel by carpool (ignoring the issue of Uber and Cabify, which are now in fashion due to the controversy in the taxi world and are already popularly known by all).


The best apps for traveling by carpool

It is one of the most popular and more and more people join its cause. It was the first and that made her position herself in a good place. In fact, the topic of car sharing became very popular thanks to their advertising campaigns and word of mouth worked. According to its website today, “more than 35 million people already travel with BlaBlaCar”. In addition, it announces that there are routes from Seville to Granada from 12 euros, from Madrid to Bilbao from 20 euros or from Madrid to Valencia from 15 euros. Its ease of use, putting itself in direct contact with the driver, is one of its strengths.


The best apps for traveling by carpool

This app anticipates that you can have a vehicle whenever you need it from two euros per hour (plus 0.25 euros per kilometer traveled). A symbolic amount that is designed for the youngest or insolvent public but also for anyone who wants to make long journeys. Here the driver is you and you can share the trip with friends to save costs. They guarantee the user that they will have a car within 400 meters of where they are and the app includes an updated map with GPS where we can see where the car is with Bluemove that can take us on a trip.

Without a doubt, its strong point is trying to prioritize the service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whenever you need it, whatever day it is.


The best apps for traveling by carpool

Application in order to share a vehicle in less than a minute. It is as easy as opening it, choosing a destination (it works in large cities such as London, Paris, New York, apart from Spain) and signing up for the trip with your companions, of whom you will have a profile on hobbies, age, etc ... in order to see which ones are the most suitable.

A friendly way to get the company right is that your user's own profile also records who or who are the travelers interested in sharing a trip with you. You can choose to be a traveler or a driver, depending on availability and preference.


The best apps for traveling by carpool

Very similar to the way of operation of the well-known Uber although of more recent operation. It was created in 2009 but began to grow from 2014 thanks to a merger with the Scandinavian group GoMore. It has the particularity of allowing drivers who do not use their vehicle often to rent it to third parties through this network. The website itself ensures that there are some owners who earn up to 3,000 euros a year by renting their cars to others through this app. Safety and efficacy are guaranteed.

It is ideal, for example, if several friends take common routes on a regular basis (for example, to work or a weekend home or to the university itself).