The death of Katie May, the queen of Snapchat and Instagram, is resolved

Katie may

She was a PlayBoy model and for a time became the queen of social media. Specifically, from Snapchat and Instagram . But his career was cut short and at 34, he died . We are talking about model Katie May , whose doctors did not know how to determine the causes of death at the time (or at least they did not transcend). Now we have learned that the queen of the networks died last February due to medical negligence. It was at least strange that a young and apparently healthy woman disappeared so abruptly. Now the Los Angeles Coroner's Office has leaked a report stating thatthe PlayBoy bunny died of a neck injury that would have resulted in a stroke and which, according to these reports, was caused by a chiropractic doctor.

He had two million followers on his social networks , so his disappearance left the entertainment industry in shock. In fact, Katie May relayed her fatal accident through her Snapchat account . In this she indicated that she had hurt her neck during a photo session. This happened a week before he passed away and he even asked his followers to give him home remedies to cope with the pain . Two days later, she said that it still hurt, but that she would go back to her chiropractic doctor the next day. After the visit, the pain persisted and when she went to the hospital, the doctors could no longer do anything to save her life.She fell into a coma and after a few hours had to be disconnected from the machine that assisted her breathing. The outcome was irreversible.

Pinched a nerve in my neck on a Photoshoot and got adjusted this morning. It really hurts! Any home remedy suggestions loves? XOXO

- Katie May (@Ms_katiemay) January 29, 2016

The documents leaked by the US agency indicate that the Instagrammer died from a neck injury caused during the manipulation of the chiropractor . When trying to make a maneuver to reverse the injury that the model had in the neck, the "professional" caused a tear in the left vertebral artery. This blocked May's brain flow and the stroke that caused her death occurred. This is news because until now it was believed that the fall that the model had suffered during the photo shoot was the real cause of the stroke. But the investigation has changed things a lot.

Thanks love! It still hurts, going back to chiropractor tomorrow xoxoxo //

- Katie May (@Ms_katiemay) February 1, 2016

Katie May called herself the queen of Snapchat and the truth is that it was not for less, because she was one of the most followed models of this social network and, of course, of Instagram . Her number of followers practically reached two million, thirsty for news and new snapshots of the model. May published all kinds of photographs, the vast majority of them erotic in nature, although she also took advantage of the networks to tell about her life . With her disappearance last February, the model left a broken family and a six-year-old daughter. Her activity follows on Twitter through her relatives , who are also trying to create a foundation to support the little girl. through YouCaring , a specific platform to support causes like this.