Copyleft music, how to find and download songs for free


For some time now, unpleasant encounters with the SGAE have been happening in an unstoppable way in our country. What if they now charge a hairdresser for putting on the radio , what if they take 10% of all the charity concerts or manage the money we pay as a digital canon to increase the pension of Teddy Bautista , the president of the management company. Well, by now many are tired of paying copyright every month. That is why the residents of Montijo protest , who have rebelled against the SGAE by playing copyleft music in their establishments. In other words, musical pieces that are not subject to copyright and that can easily be downloaded from the Internet without paying a single euro. Here we explain how.


Although this is not the medium most vox populi , some artists and bands have chosen to label their work under the name 'copyleft' . This means that their songs are protected by a license that allows the receiver of them to reproduce, modify and redistribute them , always indicating the first authorship. In this sense, many groups already post their songs on the Internet so that people can download them without restrictions , on their own pages or in specially open media for such purposes. This would allow owners of hair salons, restaurants, or gyms toplay music without having to pay the SGAE for it.


Jamendo is one of the main music broadcasting platforms created to promote artists who want to freely share their music . There we will find artists and groups of different kinds , whose songs and albums can be downloaded on the page of Jamendo . If they prefer, however, they also have the opportunity to access them through P2P exchange networks .

The Stormy Mondays are pioneers in this copyleft fad . A rock band born in Spain that publishes records in Spanish and English , and has been one of the first to renounce the collection of copyrights through the SGAE . Like these, we can find other musicians who have also made a tunic out of their cape . The musician Enrique Mateu or The Homeless Bones are two other examples that you can make music and distribute it freely without having to pay the toll of record companies and rights managers . Both entities that stay withgood part of the gains obtained from the work of the musicians.


To this we must add a couple more pages that will go great for those who want to avoid the visit of some inopportune inspector. We can go to La Mundial , the page of this group hosts its own songs, but also those of other groups with a copyleft license . You have to point to or , a couple of pages where any musician or author can register to upload their songs, promote their concerts and, ultimately, connect with their fans.

Finally, it is enough to refer to , one of the most interesting and complete sites regarding copyleft music. Through this page we can listen to music online or if we prefer, download the songs if we have previously registered. The tool will be great for those hoteliers or merchants who want to put music to set their business without having to pay the aforementioned revolutionary tax , of which musicians, by the way, only charge a tiny part.

Photo by: Shery Han