How to request the draft 2014 Income

Income 2014 01

Today , April 7, 2015 , the 2014 Income campaign begins . From today, all those taxpayers who are interested in starting the filing of the income tax return, will have the opportunity to download the draft through the Internet. In this way, you will be able to check all the tax information that the Tax Agency has registered about you and make the corrections that you consider appropriate. If the draft is correct and you have no objection, you will be able to confirm it and the tax authorities will carry out the corresponding management: accept the declaration and make payments or collectionsthat have turned out. So, if you want to download the 2014 Income draft online and you don't know where to start, we recommend you follow these simple steps.

First, access the page corresponding to the 2014 Income of the Tax Agency . Click on the blue DRAFT button for consultation, confirmation or modification. It is within the area of OUTSTANDING TRI MITES . A window will open before you in which you can choose the way to access the draft: with an electronic certificate or electronic DNI (it will be necessary that you have the first one made and that you have a DNI reader, in the second case); with the Cl @ ve PIN (or old PIN24h) or with the reference number or box .

Income 2014 02

Request draft with certificate or electronic DNI

It is a very easy and fast system, but you will have to have an electronic DNI reader or have registered with a digital certificate on the page of the National Currency and Stamp Factory . After making the request, you will have to go to an office of the Tax Agency and identify yourself.

Request draft with authentication with Cl @ ve PIN

It is the old PIN24H , a system that allows access to the draft with a code that is available for 24 hours . To use this system you must be registered and request the processing of the pin. A part of the code of a bank account will be requested from taxpayers and verification will be carried out. The mobile phone number and the validity date of the DNI will be necessary for the case . When making the request, a password will be offered via SMS that will be available until dawn the next day.

Request draft by entering data

If you have your previous income statement at hand (the 2013 one, it is understood) this system will be much easier and more practical for you. You will have to select the option to obtain reference number and fill in the following fields: NIF / NIE, First surname and Reference . The system will ask you for box 415 of the 2013 Income Statement. Simply with that, you will be able to access the download of the draft. You can also obtain a reference number through the RENO service .

It is possible that if you want to access these hours to download the draft of Income 2014 you still have some problems. The service has been launched today, so it is very likely that the page may experience saturations or that the first failures will occur after the launch of the online campaign. Either way, the service should work properly shortly.