Panasonic FX780 and FX740, new 4K LED TVs with HDR10 +

Panasonic FX780 and FX740, new 4K LED TVs with HDR10 +

Panasonic today unveiled its new line of LED televisions for 2018. At the top of the range we have the Panasonic FX780 and the Panasonic FX740 . Both feature a sleek glass design, 4K HDR panels, and more powerful image processing. In addition, both models are compatible with HDR-Multi, which includes HDR10, HLG and the new HDR10 + dynamic metadata technology. At the moment, neither the price nor the launch date of the new televisions have been revealed.

The new range of 4K LED televisions consists of four series. At the top we have the Panasonic FX780, followed by the Panasonic FX740. Both models inherit the elegant design of OLED TVs. Both are encased in a glass with a frameless single pane design , being pleasant to see from both the front and the back. In addition, they have a base that hides the cables and a back panel that hides the connections and blends perfectly with the glass.

The new design is accompanied by new features to enhance the image. Both models offer an improved image processor, as well as a more expansive color gamut. This includes, on some models, a digitally enhanced local dimming system, which combines control of the backlight with control of signal processing to adjust the brightness of the television in hundreds of separate zones. And speaking of brightness, the new Panasonic increase maximum brightness levels by up to 20% .

Panasonic FX780

launch Panasonic FX780 features

Panasonic FX780

As we mentioned, the new Panasonic FX780 is the top of the range LED televisions. It has the Hollywood Cinema Experience (HCX) processor , the same one found in 2018 OLED TVs. It also equips the 4K HDR Pro Cinema Display panel, in addition to the Wide Color Spectrum system.

On the other hand, we have a Local Dimming Pro system and a refresh rate that is twice that of the FX740 . The white balance has also been improved and the panel has a super fast processing speed.

The Panasonic FX780 will hit the market in a size of up to 75 inches, with support for HDR10 + and with a new 4K HDR game mode , which substantially improves the response time of the panel.

Panasonic FX740

launch Panasonic FX740 features

Panasonic FX740

As we can see from the images, the Panasonic FX740 is practically identical to the high-end model in design. Inside, it retains some of the most notable features, such as Wide Color Spectrum, Local Dimming or compatibility with HDR10 + . Also, this model is 20% brighter than its equivalent from last year.

It also features  4K HDR Cinema Display which, along with a new virtual lookup table and digital local dimming, achieves more accurate HDR images.

And speaking of HDR, the Panasonic FX740 also includes HDR10, HLG, and HDR10 + . The latter is the new dynamic metadata platform created by 20th Century Fox, Panasonic and Samsung. Panasonic televisions that include this technology can take advantage of video in this format from streaming platforms such as Amazon.

In addition, the HDR mode for gamers is also maintained . This, as we said, improves the response time of the panels to offer extreme fluidity even in HDR images with 4K resolution.

Compared to its older sister, it lowers the frequency to 1600 Hz (compared to 2200 Hz for the FX780) and does not include the Studio Color HCX processor , present only in top-of-the-range models.

As we progressed, the price and release date of the Panasonic FX740 have yet to be revealed .