Top 5 YouTube-MP3 Alternatives to Convert YouTube Video to Audio

5 alternatives to YouTube-MP3 to convert YouTube video to audio 1

It finally happened. Colorín, red and what was given is over. YouTube-MP3 disappears and has been inactive for a few days. First the error message “we are undergoing maintenance…” appeared, but the truth is that the portal has finally ceased to exist. The complaints of the companies that denounced the problem of rights and copyright on the platform led to a lawsuit that has permanently ended the activity of the popular website.

Let us remember that this page allowed all users, completely free of charge, to download in MP3 format any type of audiovisual content that was hosted on the YouTube page

The user had to be responsible and download only the melodies or songs that were free of rights. But this was not the case and many copyrighted content was downloaded in this format.

But the closure of YouTube-MP3 has not led to the end of these downloads, since there are other portals that offer the same possibilities. We share with you five alternatives to this tool to download YouTube videos and convert them into MP3 files . Of course, we advise you that whenever you go to download a video you make sure you have the express consent of the author of it to avoid problems.

1. ClipConverter

The 5 alternatives to YouTube-MP3 to convert YouTube video into audio 2

Simple and intuitive to use, this website ( ) is one of the most popular for embedding links of all kinds that can be downloaded in audio, for free. It is compatible with YouTube and Vimeo links and allows them to be downloaded in both formats (audio and video) . You just have to copy and paste. And then wait for the download to take place, of course.


The 5 alternatives to YouTube-MP3 to convert YouTube video into audio 3

This portal is almost identical in form and substance to the recently disappeared YouTube-MP3. The same method that the previous one used is valid now: copy the link with the chosen content and download it at the click of a button. It allows the download, quickly, both in MP3 and MP4 formats.

3. Online video converter

The 5 alternatives to YouTube-MP3 to convert YouTube video into audio 4

As its name suggests, it allows you to transform and convert videos of all kinds online. This website supports sites like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and many others. It allows you to choose various audio formats (MP3, aac, m4a, wma, wav, etc ...) and also video (mp4, mov, avi, wmw, mpg, etc ...).

It is one of the most complete pages and that currently works the best.

4. Peggo

The 5 alternatives to YouTube-MP3 to convert YouTube video into audio 5

It does not differ too much from the previous ones. It includes the option to allow links from Soundcloud , a platform that collects a multitude of audios, quite popular. Its website is  and from it you can download YouTube links or the aforementioned Soundcloud. It also includes an interesting variant: it has its own free download app on Android.

5. Offliberty

The 5 alternatives to YouTube-MP3 to convert YouTube video into audio 6

Very simple use. Just copy and paste in the bar that appears on the website and wait patiently for the transformation of the video into the chosen format (or MP3 or MP4). If you do not notice, it is curious is its message "evidence of offline life", from which it derives its original name.

and one more…


Finally, another website that allows several options related to downloading and converting YouTube videos to other formats. It's called and, among other advantages, it allows, in addition to making the desired conversion, to search for a certain song from the website itself. Once found, the web gives the option to put the song title and author data so that they are recorded in the mp3 file that is downloaded below.