How to transfer photos from an Android mobile to an iPhone

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Yesterday we told you how to transfer contacts from an Android mobile to an iPhone , and vice versa . But the contacts are not the only thing we want to change when we buy a new smartphone. Certainly it does not make us lose no grace, for example, pictures . Today we have many media in the cloud to store images, such as Google Photos . The search company's service provides us with unlimited space to store our photos and videos (with certain limitations in terms of quality), as well as the possibility of accessing them from any device, be it Android , iOS or a computer.. However, we may prefer to have the photos we had on our Android mobile stored locally on our iPhone . If this is your case, stay tuned, because we are going to explain how to transfer photos from an Android mobile to an iPhone . We started!


To transfer photos and videos from an Android device to an iPhone manually we will have to resort to the iTunes application , either on a Windows computer or a Mac . Once iTunes is installed , the first thing we will have to do is connect the Android device to the computer and search for the photos and videos that we want to transfer . If we are in Windows it is very simple, we will simply look for the DCIM folder of our Android smartphone in the file explorer. If we use Mac , we will have to resort to a program called "Android File Transfer", which we will download, install and run. Either one way or another, we will have to select the videos and photos that we want to transfer and place them in a folder on the computer . Once transferred, we can disconnect the Android device . Now we will connect the iPhone to the computer. Once connected, we run the iTunes application .

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It is likely that when you connect the iPhone to the computer, iTunes will open automatically and show you the terminal information. If not, you can run it manually and select the phone icon that is located at the top left of the screen. A screen will appear showing your iPhone information . To synchronize the photos and videos you have to go to the Photos option in the menu on the left of the screen. On the screen that shows you, you will have to mark the option "Synchronize photos" . eye! If you have the iCloud Photos option activated on the iPhonenothing will appear on this screen. You will have to disable it in order to use manual sync. On this same screen we can select the folder where we have saved the images of the Android terminal .

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We can also select if we want to synchronize all the photos and albums, and if we want to include the videos. Once the information is filled in, all you have to do is click on Apply and the synchronization will begin.

"Move to iOS" application

Apple has developed an application to make it easier for potential buyers of an iPhone to pass their data from their Android terminal to the terminal on the block. It's called "Move to iOS" and we can find it in the Google Play Store . This application will help us transfer photos and videos, but also contacts, message history, web favorites, email accounts and calendars. It is a very comfortable option, but it has some "buts" .

how to transfer photos from android to iphone move to ios

The biggest drawback is that the application can only be used when we are configuring the iPhone from scratch , that is, as soon as we take it out of the box and turn it on. If we have already finished the configuration, we will have to erase the content of the iOS device and start over . If all goes well, the process is quite simple:

  1. To start the transfer we will have to, while configuring the new iPhone , look for the Apps and data screen. Then press "Transfer data from Android" .
  2. On the Android device , we will open the Transfer to iOS application and click on Continue . After reading the terms and conditions, we will click on I accept and then Next , located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Back on the iPhone , we will press Continue on the screen called “Transfer from Android” . Then you will see a code ten or six digits . We will enter the code on the Android device and wait for the Transfer data screen to appear .
  4. Now, on the Android device , we will select the content that we want to transfer and click Next .
  5. Both terminals will begin the transfer process, which can take a long time if we have a lot of content. We must wait for it to finish completely on both devices.

And that's it, with these simple steps we will have all the Android content on our new iPhone .