Amazing photo montages with Photoshop


As more than one of you may already know, Photoshop can leave anyone looking perfect. But this photo retouching tool not only serves to make the models of the advertising posters beautiful . An example of this are the works of Erik Johanssen , a young Swedish photographer who spends his free time tinkering with the program. And the truth is that he has become a true teacher .

For example, a little higher we can see him ironing a little before going out , to go to parties without a single wrinkle. However, it does not seem that the method she uses serves to take a few years off our face.


Even if we don't like the road to pass in front of our house , it has an easy solution. In fact, you just have to pick it up and move it like a rug . So the cars won't wake us up every morning as we pass by. It's really a shame that this Photoshop trick doesn't work in real life though .


But not everything consists of elaborate assemblies that require many hours of work . Some much simpler ones can surprise us, and even make our day by having fun. To do this, you just have to see the previous image. Would anyone dare to ride a Volvo bought at Ikea? Yes. Only using the included key, and without spare parts .

And the thing does not end here. These images are just a few examples of all the works of this boy. But if we like this type of photography, we can see all the pieces made by this author in the gallery on his website .

Via: Toxel