▷ Festify 2019, so you can create your music festival on Spotify

festify 2019 unholy space

Despite the fact that there are still a few months to go until the beginning of summer, the truth is that today some of the most important music festivals in the world have already been held, such as Coachella or Lollapalooza. For this reason, Rick Rieta and Tony Bui, well-known web developers from San Francisco, have created a tool called Festify with which we can create a personalized festival poster based on our tastes on Spotify. At this time it is being a trend on Instagram and Twitter, and in a similar way to how we already saw with Our Spotify in common, this time we will teach you how to use Festify to create a personalized festival poster.

So you can create the poster of Unholy Space 2019 with Festify and Spotify

During the weekend it has become a trend on Twitter and Instagram and today it has already been shared by thousands of users. As with Our Spotify, Festify 2019 allows us to create a poster for a fictitious festival called Unholy Space 2019 festival based on the music groups that we have heard the most on Spotify. The way to access the application in question is very simple.

festify unholy space 2019 spotify poster 1

The first thing we will have to do is enter the Festify website through this link. Although it is accessible from any device, on computers and tablets it is likely that the page load will take a little time .

Once we have accessed the web, we will click on the Log in with Spotify button and we will enter the data of our Spotify account . Since the web has a point-to-point encryption based on an HTTPS certificate, the security of the page should not compromise the data of our account.

festify unholy space 2019 spotify poster 2

Finally, when the web shows us the Home interface, we will click on one of the buttons that Festify offers to create the poster based on our likes on Spotify. We can choose periods of time ranging from one month to six months, going through the entire time of the validity of our account. Whichever option we have chosen, the page will generate a fictitious poster of a festival called Unholy Space 2019 made up of the groups that we have heard the most during the time we have previously selected.

festify unholy space 2019 spotify poster 3

Next, we can download the image in question through the Download button that will be shown at the bottom next to the image of the festival poster.