5 reasons to upgrade your PC to Windows 10 and 5 to stay with Windows 7

5 reasons to upgrade your PC to Windows 10 and 5 to stay with Windows 7

Windows 10 is Microsoft's current system. The company has made great improvements and new features. Among them a new virtual assistant called Cortana or the new Microsoft Edge browser. In its early days Windows 10 was completely free. The firm wanted a speedy adoption . In any case, you currently have to pay to enjoy it, so if you have another version you may be thinking about whether to buy a license or continue with your current system.

We cannot ignore that there are many reasons to upgrade to Windows 10. But, if you have Windows 7 there are also many others to not change and stay as you are. Today we are going to give you reasons for both one thing and the other. It will be you who finally weighs what to do. Whether or not it is worth staying with Windows 7, or definitely switching to Windows 10.

5 reasons to upgrade your PC to Windows 10

Almost a year ago Windows 10 stopped being free to cost 130 euros. The company gave many users some time to upgrade to the current version at no cost. It really succeeded, as the new platform landed on more than 300 million machines. This is the fastest adoption speed in the entire history of the system. However, Microsoft attributes this success, not to being free, but to the new features with which Windows 10 arrives. These are, without a doubt, more than enough reasons to upgrade to this new version.

Windows 10 reasons to upgrade

1. New start menu and absence of Modern UI

Microsoft renewed the start menu in Windows 10 to gain convenience and agility when using it. Tools and different “tiles” are now integrated with Modern UI applications. Thanks to this we can quickly see news, the weather or the calendar. In addition, we also find a fast search engine, very similar to Linux Unity. We cannot deny that Microsoft has done a great job with this. It got rid of the Modern UI window , integrating all new applications within windows. The objective of this is that the user can use them from the desktop itself as conventional applications.

Windows 10 start menu

2. Multi-desktop support

Microsoft endowed Windows 10 with a feature that had been running on Linux for years. We talk about the possibility of being able to configure two or more virtual writings to organize our tasks in a more comfortable way. And it is that, virtual desktops allow to distribute the windows in different independent "workspaces", between which we can change quickly.

virtual desktops

Windows found on another desktop will never appear on the current desktop. Neither in the taskbar or at the time of entering the commands "ALT + TAB" , unless we go to the other desktop.

3. New Microsoft Edge browser

New operating system, new browser. At least this is the philosophy that Microsoft employed in Windows 10, which came with the new Edge browser. It is a faster and more secure browser than the previous Internet Explorer. It also has a clean and modern interface that makes it more attractive and visual. It comes with multiple possibilities. We can mention some:

  • Possibility of making annotations on the pages
  • Reading view
  • Possibility to customize the home page
  • Extensions
  • New security features

Microsoft edge

4. Cortana

Windows 10 has a new virtual assistant called Cortana. This is one of the great attractions of the system. Cortana will make recommendations based on your preferences and tastes and will answer your questions directly. Also, it gives you the ability to underline text and right click to ask for more information about a word or phrase. Cortana is on par with other rival assistants, including Siri.


5. Improvements in the multi-window system

Another reason why it is worth updating to Windows 10 is because the multi-window system has been significantly improved . The mosaic and waterfall functions have been in the system since its inception. In versions after XP, the user was given the ability to resize a window by dragging it to one of the corners. In Windows 10 it is now possible to tile up to four windows. You just have to drag them to the right or left depending on whether you select up or down.

5 reasons to stick with Windows 7

Windows 7 is one of Microsoft's most acclaimed systems and has had the most positive reviews. Despite the fact that the Redmond firm wants the new versions to be adopted, it is true that doing without Windows 7 can be difficult . At the moment, there is no problem for you to continue using this platform, despite Microsoft's recommendations. It is supported until January 14, 2020. We give you five reasons why you should continue using this version.

Windows 7

1. Overview of all files

Windows 7 was faced with the challenge of improving the organization of all files and folders on your computer. The goal was to make our data easier to locate . In this case, it has a function called "Library" that improves on the formerly known as "My documents" that appeared in XP and Vista. With this option it is possible to join several folders and view the content of all of them at the same time.

2. Simple search

With Windows 7 the search function is really fast. Enter part of the search words and the system will suggest photos or texts. For example, when you enter Windows 7, the smart search will even suggest that you buy it in your preferred online store. This new quick search also works on Internet search engines. When you start a search in the browser, you will easily find the website with that item you are looking for. All you have to do is enter your search words, such as "shirt" or "Beach vacation" and the browser will also search through your favorite pages and recently visited websites. In this way, you will always find what you thought you had lost.

Windows 7 simple search

3. Guaranteed compatibility

Another advantage of Windows 7, and why we want to continue with it, is its wide compatibility with any type of peripheral. It doesn't matter if it's a printer bought 5 years ago, a mouse from last year, or a webcam bought yesterday. With operating systems like Windows 8 or XP this does not happen. There is not as much compatibility with programs and devices.

4. A very well worked design

Possibly Windows 7 is one of Microsoft's most well-worked operating systems . It offers an Aero Glass environment, which gives a translucent glass effect that gives an air of space to everything we do on the desktop. It is true that later Windows 8 wanted to take the platform towards a more graphic aspect. However, for those users accustomed to Windows the designs used in Windows 7 reflect everything we want to see.

Windows 7 interface

5. Very efficient

Unlike its predecessors, Windows 7 is much more functional. We can say that this version uses much less resources to function. That the operating system does not consume all the potential of our computer, it is necessary to be able to allocate all that power to other applications and programs. And this, without a doubt, is another reason to continue staying with Windows 7.