KAZAM Trooper 450, prices and rates with Movistar

Kazam Trooper 450 01

Movistar launches February with the addition to its catalog of the KAZAM Trooper 450 , a mid-high-end smartphone that is made available to customers for 49 euros , an amount that is more than affordable for a large majority of pockets. Those who want to buy it free will have to pay 90 euros . In return, they will be released from any commitment to stay. Great features for a low price. And it is that the KAZAM Trooper 450 is equipped with a large 5-inch screen , a processor with up to four cores and a camera that points to five megapixels. As you can see, it is a modelquite complete , with a crisis-proof price. Furthermore, the offer proposed by Movistar can be freely combined with any of the contract modalities that are currently available. Thus, when acquiring this phone (either through portability, migration or registering with a new number) they will have the opportunity to select any of the contract rates called Vive 12, Vive 25, Vive 33 and Vive 45 , with different packages of calls and GB to navigate for between 12 and 45 euros per month.

Kazam Trooper 450 02

There is, however, the possibility of contracting the Fusion rates , specially designed for those customers who want to combine internet and home telephone services and mobile phones on the same bill. All include unlimited calls and different amounts of GB to navigate comfortably. Prices, which can range from 42 to 107 per month, may vary depending on the added: TV shows and movies, football, formula 1, fiber, etc. . Whichever option you choose, all the prices that we have indicated here include taxes (VAT 21%).

The KAZAM Trooper 450 users will be pocket is equipped, as mentioned, a wide screen 5 inches (diagonal) and a resolution FWVGA of 854 x 480 pixels . It works through a processor with quad-core architecture at 1.3 GHz, combining its potential with 4 GB of internal storage and with Android as the operating system. In short, it is a very well equipped device for those users who want to enjoy a good level of demand, both when executing simple functions and more complex applications, for their personal or professional life. The camera has a 5 megapixel sensorthat will help us to capture images and videos in remarkable quality. It includes a second camera on the front to make video calls or selfies.

In the field of connectivity, it gets along well with 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS networks with A-GPS support , essential technologies to enjoy all the equipment's functions with the maximum guarantee. It also has a high capacity battery (2,000 milliamps) that will offer us a range of 180 hours of standby time and 4.5 hours of conversation . The model that Movistar sells is available in a single, discreet color: black .