How to create a screensaver with your photos in Windows 7

w7 screensaver

Using a screensaver on your computer can help increase the life of your monitor. Simply configure it in the operating system to activate after a few minutes after there is no activity on the computer. You can use the preloaded ones, which are usually a bit boring, or create your own with your favorite images. Here we explain how to do it without installing any additional software, simply using the functions of the operating system itself, which, in this case, is Windows 7 . It is a dynamic screensaver with a photo slideshow. The only requirement is to have the photos you want to use for the screen saver previously stored on the computer.

To begin, you have to right-click on the desktop to bring up a menu and select the last option: Personalize . Another way to enter is from the control panel, following this path: Control panel> Appearance and personalization> Personalization . Once there, you have to choose Screen Saver , which is in the lower right corner of the window. In this way, the screen saver settings are accessed. Then you have to select the type of screen saver, which in this case is pictures . Next you have to click on the Settings button . A second window appears, calledSetup screen saver pictures . Now is the time to select the images to use.

w7 screensaver

To use the images, click on the Browse button , which allows you to find the folder where the photos are saved . Once found and selected, you have to Accept . It is important to know that all the photos must be stored in the same folder, because this system does not support several. In addition, within that folder only those images that we want to appear in the screensaver presentation should appear, because there is no method to discard any.

Now it is time to set the speed of the presentation of the photos in the screen saver, between slow, medium or fast . The presentation will follow the order according to the name of the photo files, or it is possible to choose the option to Show images in random order. Finally, it is necessary to click on the Save button . In this way, you return to the screen saver Settings menu, where you only need to determine how many minutes the system is going to wait before activating the screen saver. In addition, you can enable the option to Show the login screen when resuming. To verify the result and that everything is correct in the screensaver, it never hurts to click on the button.Preview , before saving changes. To conclude, click on OK and you're done.