How to put a vacation or out of office message in Gmail

How to put a vacation or out of office message in Gmail

Summer is coming and most people, despite this strange year that we are living, really want to go on vacation. If you work in an office surely you have the habit of putting an "out of office" message when you go on vacation to notify colleagues or even to refer people who ask you to your departmentmates. But, did you know that if you work with a Gmail account you can also put a message on vacation or out of office? It can be done and it is also really simple.

This can be very useful if you are self-employed or if the company you work for simply does not use its own email system. So we 're going to tell you how you can put a vacation or out-of-office message in Gmail . This will allow you not to have to be attentive to the mail and answering during your holidays, since anyone who sends you an email will know that you are not available.

Automatic reply for absence or vacation in Gmail

If you are not going to use your Gmail account for a while (for example, if you are going on vacation or you will not have access to the Internet for a few days), you can configure a response to automatically notify others that you will not be able to communicate with them immediately . When someone sends you a message, they will receive an automated email containing the message you choose to put in your automatic reply.

We are going to review how we can put this automatic response both from the computer and from an Android mobile or iPhone. It is very simple, so it will only take a few minutes and you will leave your account prepared so that none of your contacts are left without an answer during your holidays.

How to activate automatic reply from Gmail for PC

how to put a message on vacation or out of office in Gmail PC

If you are going to configure the automatic response from your computer, the first thing you should do is enter Gmail and access Settings (gear in the upper right). Once here you go down to almost the bottom of the screen and you will see the option “Automatic answer”.

Once here, we must fill in the first day and the last day that the automatic response will be active. Also the subject and the message that you want the people who write to you to receive . We can also enable the automatic response to reach only our contacts, thus preventing the system from responding to all types of emails (advertising, stores, etc). Once the configuration is finished, we will only have to click on "Save changes" and we will have it.

How to activate automatic reply from Gmail on Android and iOS

Another option is to configure the automatic reply from the Gmail application for Android or iOS . Of course, we must bear in mind that the message that we configure on the mobile will also be sent when we receive emails from the computer, since it is configured at the server level, not the device.

how to put a message on vacation or out of office in Gmail Android

To configure the message with the mobile we just have to enter the Gmail application and click on the three horizontal stripes in the upper left . Here we choose the Settings option and once inside settings we select "Automatic response".

Another page will open that shows us a configuration system very similar to that of the computer. Here we can define the period in which the automatic reply will be active, the subject and the message we want to send. We can also select, as in PC, that only send the message out of office or on vacation to our contacts . This will allow us to narrow down the recipients of the message.

And that's it, with these simple steps you will have an automatic response configured for your holidays. That way no one will think that you are ignoring them.