All questions and answers about WhatsApp statuses

All questions and answers about WhatsApp statuses

Just yesterday WhatsApp, the Facebook messaging service launched a new tool that it called "States". It is something very similar to what we have already seen on Snapchat or with the famous Instagram Stories, because it allows users to create a status image and send it to their contacts, with the particularity that it is an ephemeral communication: disappears after 24 hours. Today we want to answer all the questions that revolve around this new functionality of the popular messaging service. Ready? Ready? Already!

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What are the new WhatsApp statuses?

They are publications that last 24 hours and that we can share with our contacts to tell them what we are doing. They are made up of an image that we can capture at the moment , although we can also recover photographs that we have stored in the gallery. Then we will have the option to modify them, add text messages, drawings or emoticons to make it even more personal.

I still don't see them, how can I install them?

WhatsApp statuses have arrived for all users in the world, so those located in Spain should have no problem trying them. If you still do not see them, you can try to update the application , accessing the Play Store and clicking on Update, within WhatsApp. In a few minutes you will have the new version and surely you will not have any problem to start enjoying them.

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How can I create a state?

The truth is that creating a state is relatively simple. Access WhatsApp and click on the Status tab (it has been enabled right next to Chats and Calls. Then, touch the green button, located in the lower right corner of the screen. You will have to take a photo of what interests you or recover any of the ones you have in the gallery.When you're done, the editing tools will be enabled and you can add text or draw (in the color you want), as well as insert all kinds of emoticons.

When you're done, hit the Send button. Next, the system will ask you to choose with whom you want to share your status . You can share it with everyone, but if you are not confident enough to do it (which is most likely), it might be interesting if you narrowed the shipment a bit. Click on the Change privacy settings link and choose whether you want to send it to a specific audience or to a specific number of people. Click Send.

Your status will have been shared and will be available throughout the day .

How long do the states last?

Messages self-destruct after 24 hours. Actually, it is a function very similar to what Snapchat already offers and that is part of its essence. WhatsApp wants to provide users with a communicative and agile tool , but the truth is that the same functionality is on Instagram and Facebook. All messaging apps are looking a bit alike, so WhatsApp has been criticized for its lack of originality, for these ephemeral messages and for the disappearance of fixed states.

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Is this system safe?

WhatsApp's answer is yes. As reported through a statement on his blog, the new WhatsApp states have the end-to-end encryption system , so in this sense we should not have problems. However, it is advisable to review the privacy settings very thoroughly, so that in the end our stories end up transcending a lot of people who we don't really want to reach.

What differences does it have with Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook Stories?

While it is true that both Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram have the famous ephemeral stories, there are some differences that are worth highlighting, with respect to the WhatsApp statuses. As a most notable difference we have the Discover function, which only works on Snapchat and which is, in fact, one of the few features that still distinguishes this application from the rest. It is a tool that allows us to discover outstanding content through the snaps of the media and other official corporations.

There are also the famous facial masks, with a much more playful component, which allow us to modify our face, add a dog's ears or a panther skin. There is everything in the vineyard of Snapchat. This option is not available in WhatsApp states (for now), but we can find it on Facebook. It is compensated (although there are no masks) for the different accessories and stickers that we can add during editing.

In Instagram Stories , you can also tag other people, which is not the case in the states. In this sense, it seems that WhatsApp is the tool that offers the least add-ons, but it is most likely that new features will be introduced in the coming months.

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Who can see my statuses?

This is important, because you have to know exactly who you share your messages with. The option that is enabled by default is to share the status with all your contacts, but the truth is that - you will agree with us - it is not a very bright idea, especially since you may have stored your doctor's phone number And that this one has WhatsApp, but the man cares little if you have woken up with joy or if you have gone on an excursion to Albacete. When sending the message, WhatsApp will indicate that you are ready to send it to everyone , but it will also offer you the possibility to restrict the sending to My contacts, My contacts, except ... or Only share with.

Be careful, because what you have configured for the first shipment will be saved as the preferred option. However, you can always modify it by accessing the Privacy section of your statuses .

What happens if I delete a status that I have already submitted?

If you delete a state because you don't want anyone else to see it anymore, you have it very easy. Simply press and hold your finger on top of the status to bring up the delete option . Click on the trash button and the status will be struck down. At the bottom of your status you can see the number of people and times they had seen it, but if you delete it, no one else can see it. Your contacts will no longer be able to see it.

How can I send a video or photo in statuses to only one person?

When making the first send, you have to select the privacy options to configure this end and choose Only share with. Now choose a single person. The message will be sent automatically and exclusively to that contact , unless you change the settings later. If you want to modify this option later, you just have to go to the Privacy section of states.

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Is there a way to not see the statuses of that heavy friend?

In principle you will not receive notifications, so if you do not go to the States section, you will not see anything if you do not want to. In addition, to be able to see the statuses you will have to click on it: no one will notify you that they are (except for a small indicator right next to the States tab) and they will disappear by themselves as your contacts delete them or after 24 hours. If you don't want to see the statuses of your most insistent colleagues, it is best to block or delete them. But that is another story.

Can states be saved or downloaded in any way?

Well, not in principle. The statuses can be answered through comments, but there is no way to download them using an official procedure. One option is to take screenshots , but you can only capture images, nothing more. In principle, your contacts will not be notified that you have made the capture, so in this sense you will not have problems.

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Will I receive notifications of the new statuses of my contacts all the time?

Not at the beginning. As we have indicated, in order to see the statuses you will have to click directly on the Status tab. You will only receive those of those who have decided to share their status with you , but via mobile, just like if you received a regular WhatsApp. In this way, although you will see a point that will indicate that you have new states to see, you will not be disturbed at all.