All banks and cards compatible with Google Pay in 2019

google pay cards compatible banks

Google Pay, the official Google application for mobile payments on Android, is currently compatible with a large number of banks to add cards, tickets and all kinds of documents compatible with telematic payment, which does not mean that all banks are compatible with it. Caixabank and many other financial entities have decided to integrate mobile payments into their respective banking applications. Fortunately, most banks and cards are compatible with Google Pay to pay through the NFC connection , and this time we have made a compilation of all of them.

Banks compatible with Google Play

In addition to banks, we can find entities such as Correos or Edenred that are compatible with Google Pay . We leave you below with the complete list.

  • American Express Spain
  • March bench
  • Mediolanum bench
  • Pichincha Bank
  • Bankia
  • BBVA
  • Boon.
  • Bunq
  • Rural Box
  • Cajasur
  • Cecabank
  • Post
  • Edenred
  • Iberbank
  • Kutxabank
  • Liberbank
  • N26
  • Ontinyent
  • OpenBank
  • Pibank
  • Rebellion
  • Revout
  • Sodexo

Cards compatible with Google Pay

That our bank is compatible with Google Pay does not imply that our credit or debit card is . You can see a list with all the cards segmented by banks compatible with Google Pay.

Banks compatible with Google Pay

Cards compatible with Google Pay

Cards NOT compatible with Google Pay


All Mastercard, Electron and Visa cardsNo card is incompatible

American Express Spain

American Express cards issued in Spain, both Personal, Business and Corporate
  • Bansamex cards
  • Corporate Cards

March bench

  • Mastercard Debit Aurum card
  • Mastercard Debit Aurum Business Card
  • Mastercard Debit Card
  • Mastercard Debit Plus Card
  • Mastercard Credit MC Alturis Card
  • Mastercard Credit MC Exclusive Card
  • Mastercard Credit MC Business Card
  • Mastercard Credit MC Business Gold Card
  • Mastercard Credit MC Business Exlusive Card
  • Mastercard Credit MC Exclusive Platinum Card
  • VISA Classic card
  • VISA Gold Contactless card
  • VISA Gold Direct Credit Card
No card is incompatible

Mediolanum bench

  • VISA Classic card
  • VISA Eletron card
  • VISA Gold card
No card is incompatible

Pichincha Bank

  • VISA Credit Card Banco Pichincha
  • Banco Pichincha VISA Debit Card
No card is incompatible


  • 711 Action Against Hunger Credit Card
  • Emv Driver Help Card
  • Help In Action Card
  • Bankia Fidelizacion Oro card
  • Basket Business Gold Fid Valencia Card
  • Basket Business Valencia Card
  • Migra Valencia Basket Credit Card
  • Gold Fide Valencia Basket Credit Card
  • Valencia Basket Credit Card
  • Basket Debit Card Valencia
  • Basket Debit Bracelet Card
  • Bmn Levante card
  • Bmn Levante VISA Gold Campaign Card
  • Bmn Mastercard Andalucia Plus card
  • Bmn Mastercard Autonomos Credit Card
  • Bmn Mastercard Business B card
  • Bmn Mastercard Coop La Palma Bmn card
  • Bmn Medicus card
  • Bmn Mundi Credit Migration Card
  • Bmn ULPGC card
  • Bmn VISA Classic card
  • Bmn VISA Classic Business Card
  • Bmn VISA Conek T Sa Nostra card
  • Bmn VISA Contacontactless card
  • Bmn VISA Debit Cta Card
  • Bmn VISA One Prepaid Card
  • Bmn VISA Gold card
  • Bmn VISA Gold card
  • Bmn VISA Prepaid Entity Card
  • Business Business Debit Card VISA
  • Business Gold Business Gold Bankia Corporate Card
  • Business Card Gold Mastercard Business Silver
  • Ceuta Youth Card
  • Card Young Clm Debit Card
  • Card Young Debit C. Madrid
  • Ceuta Youth Card Debit Card
  • Murcia Youth Credit Card
  • Murcia Youth Card Debit Card
  • Card Jove G. Valenciana
  • Card Jove General. Valencian Champions
  • Ccc VISA One Prepaid Ccc Card
  • Club 60 Card Castilla Y León Board Spanish Paralimpic Committee
  • Bankia Migration Shopping Card
  • Bankia Shopping Shopping Card
  • Granada Origin Shopping Card
  • Promotion Shopping Card
  • Promotion Shopping Card
  • Credit Card. Murcia Bmn Dorada Renfe
  • Credit Card - Migration Ong
  • Action Against Hunger Credit Card
  • Personal Banking Credit Card
  • Contactless Personal Banking Credit Card
  • Bankia Personal Banking Credit Card
  • Bankia Campaña Credit Card
  • Bankia Contactless Campaign Credit Card
  • Bankia Dorada Renfe Credit Card
  • Credit Card Bankia Migr Ct Cruz Roja
  • Bankia Migr Master Autonomous Credit Card
  • Bankia Migration Credit Card Here Alla Debit
  • Bankia Ong Acnur Credit Card
  • Bmn Youth Card Credit Card +30
  • Credit Card CB Gran Canaria
  • Caritas Credit Card
  • Card Credit Card +30 Murcia
  • Credit Card Easy Purchase VISA Bmn
  • Contactless Credit Card
  • Contactless Ong Red Cross Credit Card
  • Direct Credit Card Contactless
  • Emv Dorada Renfe Credit Card
  • Bankia Loyalty Credit Card
  • Generica Emv Champions Credit Card
  • Credit Card Mcar7
  • Credit Card Migration Help In Action
  • Nomina Contactless Credit Card
  • Credit Card On
  • Ong Credit Card
  • Gold Credit Card
  • Gold Personal Banking Credit Card
  • Gold Bp Contacontactless Credit Card
  • Gold Contactless Credit Card
  • Individual Credit Card
  • Contactless Individual Credit Card
  • Special Individual Credit Card
  • Special Contactless Credit Card
  • Credit Card Plus
  • Credit Card Plus Contactless
  • Champions Green-White Credit Card
  • Red Cross card
  • Personal Banking 3d Debit Card
  • Action Against Hunger Debit Card
  • Personal Banking Debit Card
  • Bankia Campaign Debit Card
  • Bankia Debit Card Without Contacts 2.1
  • Bmn Card Debit Card +30 Murcia
  • Bmn Card Young Canarias Debit Card
  • Bmn Master Business Debit Card
  • Bmn Master Week Bmn Mastercaard Debit Card
  • Caritas Debit Card
  • Youth Card Debit Card +30
  • Castilla Y Leon Youth Card Debit Card
  • Contacontactless Debit Card
  • Acnur Contactless Debit Card
  • Loyalty Account Debit Card
  • Renfe Gold Debit Card
  • Golden Renfe Debit Card Bmn Golden Renfe
  • Emv Debit Card Personal Banking P. Weekly Emv Bankia Link
  • Renfe Gold Emv Debit Card
  • Renfe Gold Emv Debit Card
  • Generic Emv Debit Card
  • Young Debit Card
  • Young Debit Card Contacontactless Madrid
  • Young Debit Card Contactless C. Madrid 2.1
  • Young Debit Card Without Contact Young Debit Card Without Contacts
  • Mastercard Business U. Granada Debit Card
  • Senior Debit Card
  • Murc Bmn Dorada Renfe Debit Card
  • Murcia Bmn Dorada Renfe Debit Card
  • Murcia Bmn Dorada Renfe Debit Card
  • Murcia Bmn Dual Payroll Contacontactless Debit Card
  • Murcia Dorada Renfe Debit Card
  • Murcia Dorada Renfe Debit Card
  • Debit Card On
  • Ong Debit Card
  • Debit Card Ong Help In Action
  • Bankialink Origin Debit Card
  • Individual Debit Card
  • Contactless Private Debit Card
  • Contactless Debit Card
  • Union Sind Debit Card. Obr. C. Valenciana Valencia
  • Dual Card
  • Bancaja St Business Card - Fide Oro
  • Emv Infinite Infinite Contacontactless Card
  • Emv VISA card
  • Emv VISA Gold Private Card
  • Contactless VISA Loyalty Card
  • Renfe Gold Loyalty Card + Club 60
  • Generic Aqui Alla Prepaid Card
  • Card Generica Asoc. Unific. Civil guards
  • Hercesa Solve Emv Card
  • Hercesa Solve End Month Card
  • Isa Card Contactless Promotion
  • Makro Emv Card
  • Makro Migration Emv Card
  • United Hands Card
  • Mastercard Business U. Granada card
  • Mastercard CB Gran Canaria card
  • Mastercard Emv Campaigns Card
  • Mastercard Caritas Credit Bmn Card
  • Caritas Debit Mastercard Card
  • Mastercard Coop La Palma Empr.
  • Mastercard Debit Card 2 Bmn
  • Mastercard Credit Card 2 Bmn
  • Mastercard Credit And Bmn Card
  • Mastercard Credit Bmn Card
  • Mastercard Credit Emv Card
  • Bmn Debit Mastercard Card
  • Bmn Young Debit Mastercard
  • Mastercard Debit Card 1 Bmn M
  • Mastercard Debit Emv Card
  • Emv Migrac Debit Mastercard Card.
  • Mastercard Debit Card Up to 5 Bmn
  • Mastercard Debit Card P. Juridica
  • Mastercard Dual Debit Bmn Card
  • Mastercard Dual Debit Bmn Card
  • Mastercard E-Business Aut. Bmn card
  • Mastercard E-Business Bmn card
  • Mastercard Esp Fixed Fee Emv Card
  • Mastercard Esp Emv Card
  • Standard Mastercard Emv Bmn Card
  • Isic Bmn Student Mastercard Card
  • Mastercard Extra Bmn card
  • Flexible Mastercard Card
  • Young Murcia Bmn Mastercard Card
  • Mastercard Oro Granada Bmn card
  • Bmn Private Mastercard Card
  • Mastercard Platinum Bmn card
  • Mastercard Premium Credit Bmn Card
  • Prepaid Mastercard Card
  • Prepaid Mastercard Empr. Bmn
  • Mastercard Real Murcia Bmn card
  • Regantes Lorca Bmn Mastercard Card
  • Mastercard Revolving Bmn card
  • Mastercard Select Card. Cajamurcia
  • Bmn Select Mastercard Card
  • Bmn Selection Mastercard Card
  • Bmn Selection Mastercard Card
  • Bmn Selection Mastercard Card
  • Mastercard Select Debit M.
  • Mastercard Soc. Fc Granada Bmn card
  • Mastercard Tuerestu Debit Bmn Card
  • Mastercard Xtra Murcia card
  • Mastercard Xtra Murcia Credit Card
  • Mig Action Against Hunger Card
  • Migration Card VISA Classic
  • Mn Mastercard Business Card
  • Mtv Credit Card
  • Mtv Credit Card Contacontactless
  • Mtv Debit Card
  • Mtv Debit Card Contacontactless
  • Linked Payroll Card
  • Ong Acnur Card
  • Ong Manos Unidas Credit Card
  • Ong Hands Together Debit Card
  • Ong Medicos Mundi Debit Card
  • Ong Medicus Mundi Credit Card
  • Ong Unicef ​​Credit Card
  • Ong Unicef ​​Credit Card Contacontactless
  • Ong Unicef ​​Credit Migration Card
  • Ong Unicef ​​Debit Card
  • Ong Unicef ​​Debit Card Contacontactless Online
  • Bmn Flexible Origin Card
  • Payment Card Twelve
  • Bankia Facil Payment Card
  • Easy Companion Payment Card
  • Easy Payment Card Emv
  • Six Bankia Payment Card
  • Six Emv Payment Card
  • Paralimpic Debit Card
  • Platinum Contacontactless Card
  • Plus Contactless E-Business VISA Card (Company)
  • Plus Dual Card
  • Bankialink Prepaid Card
  • Bmn Mastercard Farmers Prepaid Card
  • Prepaid Business Card
  • Basic Account Prepaid Card
  • Urjc University Prepaid Card
  • VISA Prepaid Card
  • Professional Credit Card
  • Professional Direct Credit Card
  • Professional Debit Card Mc
  • Professional Debit Card On
  • Selae Professional Debit Card
  • VISA Professional Debit Card
  • Down Business Syndrome Card
  • Down Syndrome Emv Card
  • Solred Credit Card
  • Solred Debit Card
  • Sticker Bankia Wallet card
  • Bmn Youth Card Card
  • Card Investigator Card Bmn
  • Bmn Investigator Card
  • Card Isic Card
  • Card Green Mastercard Bmn Card
  • Paralimpicos Business Card Card
  • Card Prepaid Bcja Card - Fidelizac
  • Green Card Card
  • Sermuco Bmn Green Card Card
  • Green Card Sermuco Per. Bmn
  • Virtual Card Card
  • We Take Care of You Fixed Fee Card
  • End Of Month Card
  • Card We Take Care of You VISA Selection
  • Tuerestu Credit Mastercard Card
  • Unicef ​​Mig Contactless VISA Classic Card
  • United Insular Pf Card
  • Valencia CF Card - Loyalty
  • Valencia CF Credit Card - Migration
  • Valencia CF Debit Card
  • Villarreal Cf Debit Card
  • Villarreal Credit Card
  • VISA Card - Flexible Loyalty
  • VISA Card Campaigns Contactless Flexible
  • VISA Card Campaigns Flexible
  • Flexible VISA card
  • Flexible VISA card
  • VISA One Prepaid Card
  • VISA Flexible Promotion Card V
  • VISA Week Bmn card
  • University cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Iberia Via T cards
  • Deposit Cards
  • Private Cards
  • Here-There Cards
  • Non Financial Cards
  • Diesel Cards
  • Cards of entities integrated in bankia that maintain the image prior to integration
  • Valencia Base
  • Debit Bracelet


  • 10 Monthly Card
  • 3 Month Card Without
  • A Tu Ritmo Card
  • A Tu Ritmo Blue Card
  • A Tu Ritmo Cx Card
  • Abaco Card
  • Affinity Red Cross Debit Card
  • Affinity Card Employees
  • Now Blue Card
  • Now Cx Card
  • Now Mc Card - T10 Migration
  • Now One E Card
  • Alsa Card
  • Before Card
  • Before Blue Card
  • Blue Diez Card (Monthly)
  • Business Electron Card
  • Cinesa Mastercard card
  • Classic Uno-E Card
  • Classic Uno-E After Card
  • Club Vips card
  • Uno-E Gold Debit Card
  • After Card
  • After Blue Card
  • After Cx Card
  • After Gold Card
  • After Gold Cx Card
  • Ten Blue Joven Card
  • Ten Decennial Card
  • Easy Ten Card
  • Infinite card
  • Liga BBVA card
  • Practical Mastercard Card
  • Pack Duo BBVA card
  • Pay Now Blue Card
  • Pay Now Mastercard Card
  • Pay Now VISA Card
  • Complementary Fixed Payment Card
  • Platinum Personal Banking Card
  • Platinum Cx Card
  • White Prepaid Card * Uno-E
  • Company Restaurant Card
  • Restaurant Card Monday-Friday
  • Weekly Cx Card
  • Solidarity Credit Card Cx
  • Solidarity Debit Card Cx
  • Transportation Card
  • Travel Club Mastercard card
  • VISA Affinity Card
  • Barceló Viajes VISA Card
  • VISA Business Gold card
  • VISA Business Silver card
  • Classic Large Family VISA Card
  • VISA Corporate Gold card
  • VISA Corporate Silver card
  • VISA Shopping Card
  • VISA Platinum card
  • VISA Platinum Uno-E card

  • Affinity Gold College Card
  • Girona Pharmaceutical Card
  • Business Cx Card
  • Business Debit Card Cx
  • Collective Card
  • Eurocard / Mastercard card
  • Classic
  • Eurocard / Mastercard card
  • Business
  • Business Credit Card
  • Debit Business Card
  • Business Refill Card With Provision
  • Solidarity Debit Card
  • Solred Mastercard Business Card
  • Solred Card Business Card
  • Card 3 Gold
  • 7 Cx card
  • Soccer Card
  • Business Refill Card
  • Company Gift Card
  • Virtual Card
  • VISA Consum card
  • Iberia cards
  • Repsol cards
  • Via-T card
  • VISA Affinity Card
  • VISA Affinity Card Employees
  • Practical VISA card
  • VISA Premium card


Virtual Mastercard Prepaid CardNo card is incompatible


All Mastercad cardsNo card is incompatible

Rural Box

  • Mastercard credit card
  • Prepaid Mastercard card
  • VISA credit card
  • VISA debit card
  • Prepaid VISA card
No card is incompatible


All VISA cardsNo card is incompatible


All Mastercard and VISA cardsNo card is incompatible


Mastercard Prepaid Post Card
  • Travel Club Program Card
  • Closest Card
  • Correos Gift Mastercard Prepaid Card


Ticket Restaurant Card
  • Transport Ticket Card
  • Ticket Corporate Card
  • Premium Gift Ticket Card
  • Selection Gift Ticket Card
  • Gift Ticket Card
  • Gasoline Ticket Card
  • Multi-brand Gasoline Ticket Card


All Mastercard, Electron and VISA cardsNo card is incompatible


All VISA cardsNo card is incompatible


All Mastercard and VISA cardsNo card is incompatible


  • N26 Black card
  • N26 Metal Card
  • N26 Standard card
No card is incompatible


All Mastercard and Visa cardsNo card is incompatible


  • Open debit card
  • Diamond debit card
  • Premium debit card
  • Minicard debit card
  • Open University debit card
  • 4b debit Mastercard cards
  • Open credit card
  • Premium credit card
  • Diamond credit card
  • Ecard prepaid card
  • Open Young prepaid card


  • Pibank VISA Credit Card
  • Pibank VISA Debit Card
No card is incompatible


Rebellion Pay CardNo card is incompatible


All cardsNo card is incompatible


  • Business Pass Card
  • Restaurant Pass Card
  • Transport Pass Card
No card is incompatible


All Mastercard and VISA cardsNo card is incompatible

Data extracted from the Google Pay website. They will be updated as availability and compatibility increase.

How to add a card to Google Pay (credit, debit, ticket ...)

If we have made sure that both our bank and our credit or debit card are compatible, the process to add a card is really simple.

Since in general the Google Pay application is not installed by default on Android, we will have to download it through the Play Store by clicking on this link. Once we have installed it, we will click on the Configure button that will appear on the main screen and then on Add a new card.

google pay compatible banks cards

Before adding a card, make sure that your phone has NFC technology for mobile payments.

At this point, we can use the mobile phone camera to add the card or its data (card number and holder). Whichever method we choose, we will have to enter the CVC code found on the back of the card in order to validate the data.

Finally, the card will be saved and will become available in the Payments section of Google Pay. In the event that we have added several cards, we can access the application to select the desired card at the time of payment . If what we want is to add a pass or ticket, the process is similar, although we will have to refer to the Passes section and follow the same steps as in the Payments section.

My card or bank is not compatible with Google Pay, what can I do?

Although most banks are compatible with Google Pay mobile payment, banks such as La Caixa or ING Direct have not yet adapted their mobile payments to the Google application. The only way to proceed if our bank does not support mobile payment is based on resorting to the bank's official application (ImaginBank for La Caixa clients, ING Spain Mobile Banking…) and configuring mobile payments from the application itself.

In the event that a certain type of card is not compatible, we can contact our bank directly to order a compatible card. The thing changes if we have a Samsung mobile, since we can use Samsung Pay, an application that today has a more bulky bank and card registry than Google Pay. In the official page of Samsung Pay we can see a list with all the banks and cards compatible with the Samsung service.


Samsung Pay application.

Will our bank receive support in the future? If it already offers mobile payments through the bank's official application, most likely not . At the end of the day, the different entities prefer to make a return on the investment of the proprietary mobile payment system instead of making the different Google services compatible with payments by NFC.