The best memes to celebrate Star Wars day

The best memes to celebrate Star Wars day

May 4 is International Star Wars Day for a curious play on English words. "May the 4th be with you" is used as a substitute for "May the Force be with you" ("May the Force be with you").

In your expert we have made a compilation of some perfect memes to celebrate May 4. What better way to show your passion for Star Wars than by sending these images to your friends?

1. Darth Vader seen like never before ...

star wars meme father in law

Yes, the famous phrase "I am your father" has passed into the history of cinema and the inexhaustible jokes with colleagues, but ... Has anyone thought about the trauma of poor Han Solo? What's worse, having Darth Vader for a father or father-in-law?

2. Faced with difficulties, it is best to dance

star wars meme macarena

What's the best way to relieve some stress in tough situations? Our Star Wars characters have it clear: a little dance, a hip movement ... Eeeeeh, Macarenaaaaa!

3. Expectations of love ...

star wars valentine meme

Yes, we all like the ideal couples in the cinema and we get our hopes up with Star Wars … But then what happens happens: Valentine's Day arrives and many of us have to feel more alone than this poor Darth Vader.

4. I hate taking the dog for a walk in this cold weather.

star wars dog meme

Please, finish now, I want to go home and get inside the duvet ...

5. Authoritarian vs. rebellious daughters

star wars meme leia

What kind of childhood or adolescence would Leia have had? The fights are guaranteed by the way of dressing, by the friends, the bad influences ... Although Darth Vader seems more than happy with the hatred and discomfort that are born inside him.

6. Children, do not take drugs ...

star wars r2d2 meme

Really, take our advice: don't play drugs if you don't want to end up like poor R2D2. How bad the years have been for you, old friend!

7. C3PO is also getting older

star wars meme c3po

Do you feel that life is slipping through your hands and that your body no longer can handle parties like it used to? Join the club! Poor C3PO did not like this last stage either ...

8. To have beautiful hair, listen to the teacher

star wars loreal meme

Soft, smooth, silky, shiny hair with an enviable tone. It seems that Chewbacca has achieved this by washing and treating himself with L'Oréal. What a change it has made!

9. There is only one Chewbacca!

star wars meme han solo

Okay, this is the terrible joke worth sharing on WhatsApp just to have your friends send you virtual slaps. You're welcome!

10. Is that really a trooper?

star wars meme troopers

For those who do not know in detail all the parallel stories within the saga, or for those who know perfectly all the evolution of the troopers ...

11. Connect with the Force in all life situations

star wars meme wc

Yes, we have already said that May 4 is the perfect day to celebrate your Star Wars fever and to say that "May the Force be with you" ... But the little phrase has a lot of hook in any situation of daily life.

Let's think: what time of day do you need the Force the most? Well when you go to the bathroom. Especially if, after a tough fight, you run out of paper and need a new roll to magically arrive .

It would be a good adventure to celebrate Star Wars Day!