The best memes of the elimination of Spain from the World Cup

The best memes of the elimination of Spain from the World Cup

Spain played the eighth round of the World Cup against Russia today, where the Spanish team ended up losing and exiting the World Cup in a monotonous match, where a 1-1 draw reigned and some penalties that ended up kicking Spain out of the World Cup. As in all matches, the network has been filled with memes, jokes and very funny videos about the defeat of Spain against Russia. We have compiled the most interesting ones.

The truth is that it has not been one of the most interesting matches. Why? You just had to go to Twitter, where one of the most commented images was not of a footballer, VAR or Putin, but of these 3 fans having a snack during the game.


If you haven't been able to watch the game, a user on Twitter sums it up in 11 seconds. The truth is that there are other details to comment, but it is not a bad summary at all.

Summary of the match Spain Russia in 11 seconds #EspanaVsRusia # RussiaEspaña

- MARIANO PEREZ (@pereztello) July 1, 2018

Do you want to go straight to the end? Don't ask us any more, this GIF perfectly sums up the last minutes of the game that made Spain lose.


Many users have disagreed with the elimination of Spain in the second round of the World Cup. The Youtuber AuronPlay wanted to clarify things a bit.

What do you expect from a country like Russia that has a president who hunts crocodiles without a shirt and punches, they are very tough people.

- AuronPlay (@auronplay) July 1, 2018

And it seems that this is how it works in Russia.


Although users continue to be amazed. In case it has not been clear, we repeat it again. Russia has eliminated Spain.

When you find out that Spain was left out with Russia

- Coqui Argento (@hijoatipico) July 1, 2018

Guinea was not very aware of the ball on penalties, where it failed to stop any goals from the Russian players. But this bottle ...

The best cover of De Gea in Russia, would be this ... 😬

- Natán (@natanfm) July 1, 2018

The hand of Gerard Piqué

Undoubtedly, one of the most talked about moments during the Spain-Russia match was the hand of Piqué who committed a penalty. It seems that social media reactions came even before that incident.

The VAR people telling the referee of Piqué's hand.

- Christyan Zaizar ★ (@xtyno) July 1, 2018


In conclusion, it has been a long match with a bad taste in the mouth for the Spanish fans, who are returning home. Did you think we weren't going to link back home memes?

What I think after seeing today's match in Spain in the World Cup # Russia2018 #ESP

- Mario Vaquerizo (@Vaquerizoo_) July 1, 2018

- Cristiano, I'm going to Spain, then I'll call you.

- Cazón Palangana (@CazonPalangana) July 1, 2018

And these are all the most interesting memes of Spain - Russia. We do not leave without saying goodbye.