ArenaVision, how to enter the P2P sports and soccer website in Spain

ArenaVision, how to enter the P2P sports and soccer website in Spain

The well-known website for watching sports broadcasts over the Internet was blocked in Spain by the main operators at the end of 2017. We refer to ArenaVisión , the most famous sports streaming page after RojaDirecta. The news prompted some users who used the platform to send their complaints to the different companies (Vodafone, Movistar, Ono, Lowi and Orange) through Twitter and Facebook. Luckily, and as we usually say in these cases, everything has a solution. This time we will show you how to enter ArenaVisión in a simple way through these same operators .

How to enter ArenaVision through a free VPN

A few weeks ago we already showed you several free VPNs to connect to blocked pages in our country. In short, a VPN is a kind of "virtual bridge" that emulates a connection in another country to access the blocked page in question. The problem with these is that most have a browsing limit or are paid, which is why we must go to free VPNs.

The one that has worked best for us is Hola VPN , an extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Edge that is also available to download on Android and iOS. Once we have it installed on our computer, the way to proceed is very simple. We just have to click on the "flame" icon that will appear in the top bar of the browser and turn on the VPN. Then we will reload the ArenaVision page and now, all the content of the page will appear .

hello vpn free chrome

In the event that we have problems with this extension, we can try other VPNs such as Freelan or PrivateTunnel . If we still cannot see the page and its content, we must resort to the following method.

How to enter ArenaVision through Tor Browser

Tor Browser, the well-known browser to enter the Deep Web, is the best option to access ArenaVision without limits.

The process to follow this time around is very similar to the one we saw in this other article on how to watch Operación Triunfo galas from abroad. We recommend that you take a look to see how to install Tor Browser on both Windows 10 and Mac (in this we teach how to download and install Tor on Android and iOS). The difference in the process in this case is given by the connection node explained in the linked article.

tor browser 12

Because it is in Spain where ArenaVisión is blocked, we must make use of a node that redirects us to another country where the web can be accessed. Before changing the necessary configuration file, it is best to test to see if we can access ArenaVision normally. If not, we must modify the torcc file available in the Tor Browser \ Data \ Tor path with Windows or Mac Notepad (the Tor Browser folder can be found on the Windows desktop or by putting the words in the search box "Tor Browser").

change ip tor 2

Once the file in question is located, we must add the following lines at the bottom:

StrictNodes 1

ExitNodes {XX}

Where XX is the acronym of the country where we want to connect . As it is blocked in Spain, we can use the UK of the United Kingdom or the US of the United States. We leave you with a complete list of countries to connect to. The file should look like the one in the image below:

change ip tor

When we have finished editing it, we will save the changes and restart the Tor browser for them to take effect. Now, we can access the ArenaVision website normally . And so, finally, continue to see sports championships in some countries that until now could be seen without problems. Of course, as we always remember, as long as they comply with current legislation.