10 apps compatible with the Samsung Gear S

samsung gear s

The Samsung Gear S is Samsung's most ambitious wearable. It was presented at the IFA fair in Berlin, which was held between the end of August and the beginning of September last year. Samsung had entered this segment strong and the Gear S took the smartwatch concept one step further. The Korean company created a totally independent device , a feature that other watches cannot boast. The Gear S has a SIM card slot , which means that it can connect to the Internet and even allows us to make calls, almost as if we were in a futuristic movie. One of the downsides of the Gear S is its size , and that is that carrying a 2-inch screen on the wrist is not for just any user. The good thing about having a large panel is that we can type with its full QWERTY keyboard and see the content with greater comfort. Samsung has made a selection of 10 apps compatible with the Samsung Gear S that can be purchased from the Gear Apps store and they promise to make our day to day easier, we will tell you what they are.

samsung gear s

EMT Madrid

If you live in Madrid or are passing through the capital, the municipal transport app can help you find the best route to your destination, and all from your wrist. It informs about the time the bus will take, the nearby stops and which lines pass through them. In addition, when we get on the bus, it counts the stops and warns us with a slight vibration when we arrive at our destination.

Iberia Smartwatch

The Iberia company also has its own app for Gear Apps. In this case, the user will be able to download the boarding passes of their flights and check-in directly with the clock, avoiding having to remove papers.

Travel translator for Gear

We are still talking about travel, but in this case the utility in question is a translator. Travel Translator allows us to easily translate written or spoken texts in 42 different languages .


Nokia maps are also available for the Gear S. It allows us to download maps to use even when we do not have a connection and offers routes by car, on foot or by public transport.


Another ally of drivers. Radars warn of nearby radars while driving, but to avoid distracting us it does so with a discreet vibration.

Mutual co-pilot

This function can save us more than one scare. Co-pilot Mutua collects readings from the watch's sensors and alerts us when there is a risk of drowsiness or we have spent too much time driving.

Voice note

Its name leaves nothing to the imagination. This tool allows you to save and play voice memos that are recorded through the built-in microphone of the Samsung Gear S.


The messaging application par excellence could not be missing. The Gear S allows us to install WhatsApp so that we can see the messages of our contacts directly on our wrist. But we can also respond through the QWERTY keyboard or the voice to text function.

MyMusicCloud for Gear

We are not very clear about the usefulness of carrying music on the watch, but if you want you can with this app. It allows you to synchronize music and listen to a catalog of 250 songs totally free , it also works offline.

Opera Mini Web Browser

Finally, a browser could not be missing to be able to visit our favorite pages. With Opera Mini Browser , gestures and operation have been optimized, making it easier to use on such a small screen.