Gigaset C570, cordless telephone with color screen and calendar

Gigaset C570, cordless telephone with color screen and calendar

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The use of the landline phone may have fallen compared to a few years ago, but the truth is that the majority of users continue to keep it. It is always useful to have a telephone line that does not depend on coverage and can save us from any trouble. But to use the phone line we will need a terminal. We have hundreds of models of fixed terminals to choose from, from those with retro style to the most current ones. For example, the  Gigaset C570, a cordless phone that has a color screen and has an address book for up to 200 contacts .

Gigaset is one of the manufacturers that continues to bet heavily on fixed telephony. In its catalog we find all kinds of terminals. From the most basic and striking for home, to the most complete for offices and businesses. But surely the wireless models are the most sought after by users. These offer us the quality of a fixed telephone line and the convenience of not having to stand still in one place to talk. Today we bring you a thorough review of the  Gigaset C570, a beautifully designed model with very interesting features .

Gigaset C570 data sheet

Telephone number (analog)one
Number of simultaneous conversations (analog)one
DECT standardsDECT, GAP
ECO DECTAutomatic power transmission reduction, Radiation-free in standby mode, Low power consumption
Standby timeUp to 320 hours
Talk timeUp to 17 hours
Number of records in address book200 contacts
Individual ringtones for VIP ticketsYes
Direct dialingYes
Alarm functionYes
Optical call signalingIlluminated display, Call key flashes, Flashing LED light
Number of expandable terminals6
Free internal callsYes
Free handsYes
Number of tones18
Screen type2.2 inch color screen
Caller IDYes
Lost callstwenty
Outgoing callstwenty
Incoming callstwenty
Illuminated keyboardYes
Dimensions168 x 48 x 22 mm (terminal)

117 x 115 x 47 mm (base station)

Battery2 x NiMH AAA
Release dateAvailable
Price50 euros

Elegant design for home and office

The Gigaset C570 cordless phone offers a good combination of design, ergonomics and performance . It has a slim design that makes it easy to hold, combining an elegant image with modern technology.

in depth Gigaset C570 front

The terminal sports a nice black design, with rounded edges to facilitate grip. On the front we have the usual numbers, the buttons to hang up and off the hook and a central cross that allows us to access various functions. We also have a 2.2 inch color TFT screen .

It features large, widely spaced and illuminated individual keys . In addition, the numbers are extra-large , thus facilitating their marking and use. The large, high-contrast color TFT screen displays many useful functions. In addition, it offers superb character readability, six symbols to access the main menu, and Jumbo mode, which displays all characters on an extra-large scale. All this combined makes the Gigaset C570 a very comfortable and intuitive terminal.

On the other hand, the Gigaset C570 comes with a separate base station . This allows you to place the terminal and charger where you want, as long as the independent base station is connected to the line. The wireless functionality of the terminal will allow us to answer calls directly where we are located, without having to rush out to pick up the landline. We can even have more comfort, since it is possible to add up to five terminals to the same base.

Gigaset C570 Gallery

200-contact phonebook and customization

No more small notebooks or agendas next to the landline. The Gigaset C570 allows you to easily manage your contacts thanks to a complete directory of up to 200 contacts . We can save the contact's first and last name, as well as three phone numbers for each contact.

We also have programmable speed dial keys that allow us to contact our most common numbers without having to use full numbers. Another practical detail that the Gigaset C570 includes is the " Birthday Reminder ", which will make us never forget the birthdays of our loved ones and friends.

The possibility of assigning a VIP tone is also included . This will allow us to recognize important callers only by the tone of the call. Furthermore, we can easily exchange the contacts in the phonebook between all connected Gigaset terminals.

in-depth Gigaset C570 customization

The VIP tone is just one part of the customization options included in the Gigaset C570. The terminal offers many options so that we can configure the phone according to our habits and preferences. For example, we can choose between several screensavers and color combinations to display the texts . Also choose between 2 acoustic profiles , giving the correct frequency range to achieve an optimal listening experience.

We also have the "Anonymous calls blocking" function , with which we will ensure that we are not disturbed by the typical numbers that call to sell something. This feature blocks calls without caller ID , being able to display them only visually or blocking them completely. In addition, we can block the phone by time bands. Ideal if we do not want to be disturbed when we take a nap.

On the other hand, the contacts in the phonebook that are identified as VIPs will always be displayed and heard . We will thus avoid missing a really important call.

Price and availability

in depth Gigaset C570 price

In short, we are facing a fixed terminal with an elegant design and that offers very interesting features. We have a color screen for a better visualization of the data, an agenda of 200 names and multiple customization options.

The Gigaset C570 is already on sale in specialized stores with a price of around 50 euros .