Sony Xperia M5, we have tested it

Sony Xperi M5

The Sony Xperia M5 is the mid-range terminal with one of the best cameras (if not the best) on the market. Its goal of  21.5 megapixel hybrid approach and recording  videos 4K does not let anything indifferent. In addition, it has  a 5-inch IPS screen  that develops Full HD  resolution and a density of  440 dots per inch.  Its dimensions make it a comfortable phone to use, neither too small nor too big, 145 x 72 x 7.6 millimeters and a weight of 142.5 grams. It is resistant to water and scratches thanks to the resistant glass sheet that covers the screen. Inside the guts of the Sony Xperia we find a Helio X10 chip   from eight cores at 2Ghz and 64-bit  compatibility  . The Helio X10 chip is accompanied by an IMG Rogue G6200 graphics precessor and 3 GB  of RAM . In general terms, we are talking about a mid-range phone at a very interesting price that offers quite good performance. We have been able to test it thoroughly and we are going to analyze point by point all the technical specifications of this smartphone.


The Sony Xperia M5 maintains the line of almost contemporary models like the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua . A style characterized by straight and symmetrical lines with rounded edges, called  Omnibalance. As in previous models Sony continues to bet on comfortable phones to use and the M5 is proof of this. In this case, despite being a 5-inch phone, it gives us the impression of being smaller due to the simplicity of its handling. It fits perfectly in the hand and we can handle it without using both. The unit that we have tested is the gold one, but this terminal is also available in black and silver.The phone's chassis is completely pressed, thus preventing water or dirt from entering and the screen resists scratches thanks to an ultra-resistant glass sheet that covers it. If this weren't enough, the phone is surrounded by a frame whose corners are reinforced with stainless steel to minimize damage in the event of a fall. In addition, this frame protrudes at the back to cushion the blows that the screen may suffer.

Now let's look at your design from a more specific point of view. We are facing a phone whose exact dimensions are 145 x 72 x 7.6 millimeters and its weight of 142.5 grams. Compared to the rest of the phones in its range, it neither exceeds nor falls short. What we can say after trying it is that it is very easy to operate with one hand, whether you are left-handed or right-handed. On the right side we have from top to bottom, the lock button on the screen , the volume button and  camera button.  On the left side we find a double slot with hermetic closure that allows us to insert the SIM card and the microSD card. Located at the top is the 3.5-millimeter minijack input to connect headphones and at the bottom the charging connector and a speaker . As for the back of this mobile, it is enameled and the edges also stand out, which suffers less friction and stains less than in previous models whose back was made of glass.

Another point to keep in mind is that the Xperia M5's resistance to water and dust is guaranteed by the IP65 and IP68 certificates that allow us to submerge this phone in water up to a maximum of five feet for a long time without suffering any damage. hurt.

Sony Xperia M5

Sony Xperia M5


We put aside the design of the  Sony Xperia M5 and see what screen we find mounted on it.  The screen of this phone is a  5-inch diagonal IPS that develops Full HD resolution  with a density of up to  440 dots per inch.   It has the Bravia Engine 2 technology previously used in the Sony Xperia Z3, not so in the Z3 + since it comes with a new one, the X-Reality . It is also covered by a scratch-resistant glass layer that covers it to protect it from possible breakage. It has a density of 444 pixels per inch.  In this panel the blacks are very deep, something similar to what happens on screens with AMOLED technology . Sometimes it tends to yellow and the glitter produces reflections that are uncomfortable to look at, but generally speaking it gives very good results. The main feature of the Xperia M5 comes from its IP65 and IP68 certificates . It is resistant to water and dust, so much so that the creators themselves assure that the phone can be submerged up to a meter and a half deep without suffering any type of damage. We have done the test and after submerging the phone completely in water, it works perfectly and is completely watertight and waterproof.

Sony Xperia M5Sony Xperia M5

At the bottom of the screen we find the three virtual buttons of the Android operating system that correspond to the Back, Start and Menu options. They are very useful shortcuts that can also be hidden at any time.

Photo quality

Let's say this is the strong point of the Sony Xperia M5 . A 21.5 megapixel rear camera and an in-house IMX320 sensor  make this photographic equipment an impeccable piece. The magnitude of the aperture is somewhat low , only f / 2.2, and perhaps this slows the quality of the results obtained a bit. Despite this, it is a team that offers us a performance superior to the rest of the mobiles in its range . It includes different functions such as  hybrid autofocus (AF), which allows a much faster focus -0.15 seconds, although it is not the fastest since the Xperia Z5 has 0.03 seconds-. It is complemented by an LED flash and the possibility ofzoom up to 5x . In  favorable lighting conditions , the Sony Xperia M5 camera performs at maximum capacity, offering quality results with perfect clarity and low noise. Hybrid autofocus is a great help when taking photos and recording videos using auto mode. The secondary 13 megapixel camera is not that attractive but allows a more than acceptable use

Sony Xperia M5

The camera application of this smartphone includes by default twelve different shooting options , including from standard formats such as manual or automatic, to custom options such as the portrait style that allows you to apply filters to the face in real time or the mask style AR with which we can exchange our face with that of another person through a selfie . Some more surprising modes are, for example, the Sound Photo with which we can take pictures with sound included in the background,  the AR effect , which allows taking photos in augmented reality, placing objects on our face or body or adding animated characters inside the photo . Special effects aside,Let's see what results the Sony Xperia M5 camera offers in different lighting conditions.


Daylight exterior, ISO 820


Daylight macro, ISO 111


Automatic mode, low light exterior. ISO 115


Indoor, artificial light ISO 1600


Panoramic mode, outdoor daylight.


Manual mode, daylight outdoor, ISO 100 f / 2.2

As we have seen, the Sony Xperia M5 camera offers very good results compared to other phones in its category. As for video recording, what we have been able to verify with this test unit is that the results recording at 4K are more than acceptableIn Automatic mode the camera by default uses Full HD resolution, but in manual mode you can select the quality and the length, 4: 3 VGA (640 x 480). The recording offers sharp results and quite good color reproduction. The camera has difficulty with exposure in high contrast situations , but fortunately we have the option to record in HDR modeto alleviate these effects. Within the recording modes we also have options to choose from to record in slow motion. In short, this phone manages to bring photographic quality to the mid-range of smartphones.

Power and memory

The Sony Xperia M5  incorporates an octa-core Helio X10 processor at a speed of 2 Ghz  compatible with 64 bits . The chip is accompanied by a 3 Gb RAM and an IMG Rogue G6200 graphics processor.  The Helio X10 offers roughly around 30% faster CPU speed than the Snapdragon 615 found in the Xperia M4 Aqua, as well as twice the number of CPU cores (eight instead of four) and speeds of Much faster RAM and eMMC. Overall, with a better chip and 3GB of RAM the Xperia M5 offers a substantial hardware improvement over the M4 Aqua.We are going to dive into the benchmarks that we have obtained by taking the Benchmark test. The information shown indicates that the Sony Xperia M5 offers us uninterrupted and very fluid performance.  We can use it without experiencing crashes or crashes in the applications. Squeezing the phone to the fullest, using games, messaging applications and video, the phone responded without any problem, although some overheating was perceived. The overheating only appeared when we were continuously using  4K recording from the main camera.


Regarding the autonomy of the phone, compared to other terminals of a similar range, the test places it in third place, although experience of use has shown us that with some resources such as flash, it decreases considerably. The  Sony Xperia M5 mounts a 2,600 milliamp capacity battery  and with reduced use it could last up to  two days on a single charge.  Weather rest exceeds 600 hours,  listening to music reaches 63 hours and watching videos FullHD about 6 hours.  Among the options to optimize battery consumption we have the classic STAMINA modewhich was introduced in the Xperia with the Xperia Z model. How does STAMINA mode work? And avoiding the synchronization of the applications and at the same time  also avoiding that they check every two minutes if there is an Internet connection again. Furthermore, when the display is turned on again the phone  reconnects to the network quickly  as it has kept the IP address of the terminal. In this way, the notifications that you have received while it was turned off will appear suddenly shortly after activating it. In addition to the STAMINA mode, we have one superior to this: the Ultra STAMINA mode that considerably prolongs the battery life by keeping only the basic functions of the phone on. Despite all the performance is lower than the Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact. It seems that Qualcomm is still in these terms of battery performance better than Mediatek  since the Z3's battery lasts the same and is the same size as the M5's.


If we talk about the storage capacity of the Sony Xperia M5,  the internal memory of this mobile is set at 16 GigaBytes . In reality, the available space, removing what the operating system and applications occupy by default, is approximately 8  GigaBytes since only Android 5.1 requires 5.16 GB of total memory. In this sense we have no problem since we have the option of expanding the phone's memory externally up to 200 GigaBytes through the MicroSD system.


Despite lacking stereo speakers, the Sony Xperia M5 has a mono speaker that is among the best in its class . The audio output is clear and crisp and the volume level is also powerful and loud without spoiling the highs and lows of the sound. Fortunately, the headphones do their job as well, resulting in excellent sound quality.

Software and applications included

The Xperia M5 runs on Android Lollipop 5.1 with Sony's proprietary Xperia UI. This user interface is known for its consistency just like HTC's Sense UI. A  customization layer with a much more attractive design , simpler and similar to that of Android. The most notable change regarding the Xperia IU layer is the application menu as it is totally different from the Google Now start menu and does not include practical applications or uninstallation among other functions as it did. 

In terms of applications , this device has all Google's own tools  .  YouTube , maps and GPS from Google MapsHangouts  to make video calls and chats,  Google Drive to store files or Google Photos to archive and edit photos . One point that does not play very much in Sony's favor is that the terminal has a lot of bloatware, such as PlayStation Network that allows us to connect to our PlayStation account on PSVideo or PSMusic . We also find installed in the Sony Xperia M5 themajor social networking applications like Facebook and Twitter . Along with all this we have the photo and video editing utilities, TrackID which is the equivalent of Sony's Shazam , Sketch with which we can paint with our finger as if it were a brush and Spotify to be able to play all the music we want prior subscription. We must not forget a productivity tool such as OfficeSuite , equivalent to Microsoft Office in Windows that allows us to create, edit and share documents in different formats. If all this does not seem enough we have Google Play as always , where we can download all the free and paid applications that we need.




The Sony Xperia M5 has all the features that we could require from any current phone in terms of connectivity. In the first place, it connects to 4G mobile networks,  which allows the user to connect to the Internet at high speed to surf without pauses or download files at maximum speed when we do not have access to the WiFi network, through the LTE standard .  As the 4G option is not available in all markets, those who cannot enjoy it will have to surf on 3G. To connect to other devices and exchange files with them, it has Bluetooth 4.1, in addition to DLNA to broadcast multimedia content and an NFC chip to make payments directly with the device like those found in contactless cards. Among the connectivity options we also have a GPS antenna compatible with  Glonass,  a MicroUSB input  and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. 

Verdict and price

The conclusions that we draw after testing the Sony Xperia M5 are that, compared to the M4 Aqua, it is more expensive, since its sale price is around 400 euros, but instead you get a smartphone that maintains all the quality of the M4 but that surpasses its predecessor in performance. For example, the processors that are often associated with mid-range devices are of lower quality, but in this case Sony has opted for a CPU that would be equivalent to high-end . The Sony Xperia M5 is a very powerful device that remains in an excellent price-quality range . We could say that it is perhaps one of the best smartphones that Sony has made in recent times. Its design is not very new and it may be a bit monotonous, but its resistance and impermeability play in its favor. The screen, despite some small aspects, gives very good results both in resolution and in color and brightness and if we talk about the camera, we are facing the pinnacle of this phone, and despite not being perfect since the aperture remains short for the megapixels it boasts , we can say that it is one of the best cameras mounted in this segment of smartphones. If we have to directly point out a weak point of this phone that would be the sound, of poor quality and with a fairly low volume, not because it is cute, but it really does not measure up. Another of its strengths is water resistance, not all current smartphones have this feature and it adds a plus to its resistance to shocks and accidents. Another point that slows its rise is that it only includes 16GB of internal memory, although as we have said earlier in the article, it is not like in the case of the iPhone, since we can expand it through MicroSD. It is true that there are phones with better hardware and cameras on the current market, such as the LG G4 or the Galaxy S6, but if what you are looking for is Sony design and a waterproof device, this phone perfectly fills that niche. Despite some cons, we recommend this phone strongly to all who are looking for a quality phone, resistant and that does not cost too much to your pocket.

ModelXperia M5


Size5 inches
ResolutionFullHD 1,920 x 1,080 pixels
Density440 dpi
TechnologyIPS LCD

Mobile Bravia Engine 2

ProtectionResistant glass


Dimensions145 x 72 x 7.6 mm
Weight142.5 grams
ColorsWhite / Black / Gold
ResistanceIP65 / 68 water resistant


Resolution21.5 megapixels
Video4K 20126p

FullHD 1080p

FeaturesExmor RS sensor

Hybrid approach

ISO 3,200

Zoom Clear Image 5x

HDR for photos and videos

Image Stabilizer


Automatic scene recognition

Sony camera apps

Front camera13 megapixels

Exmor RS sensor


FullHD video recording


FormatsBMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, WebP, 3GPPâ „¢, MP4, VP8, VP9, ​​ASF, AVI, FLV, MP3, 3GPPâ„ ¢, MP4, SMF, WAV, OTA, Ogg vorbis, FLAC, ASF + H. codec 265 for 4K videos
RadioFM radio with RDS
SoundHeadphone & Speaker

Sony 3D Surround Sound Technology (VPT)

Clear Audio +


Stereo sound recording

FeaturesMedia player


Manual equalizer

Voice recording

Voice dictation

Sony Entertainment Network


Operating systemAndroid 5.0 Lollipop
Extra applicationsGoogle Apps: Chrome, Drive, Photos, Gmail, Google, Google+, Google Settings, Hangouts, Maps, Play Books, Play Games, Play Newsstand, Play Movie & TV, Play Music, Play Store, Voice Search, YouTube

Sony Apps: PlayMemories, Ultra STAMINA mode, camera apps, Sony Entertainment Network, PlayStation Network.


CPU processorMediaTek Helio X10 MTK6795 Octa-Core 2Ghz (64-bit)
Graphics processor (GPU)IMG Rogue G6200


Internal memory16 GB
ExtensionMicroSD card up to 200 GB


Mobile Network3G / 4G (only in some markets)
WifiWiFi 802.11 b / g / n
GPS locationa-GPS / Glonass
BluetoothBluetooth 4.1
ConnectorMicroUSB 2.0
Audio3.5 mm minijack



OthersCreate WiFi zone


Capacity2,600 mAh (milliamp hours)
Standby duration671 hours in 2G

607 hours in 4G

Duration in use12 hours in conversation

63 hours of music

8 hours of FullHD video

+ info

Release dateAvailable
Manufacturer's websiteSony

Price 400 euros