Samsung AddWash, extra door washers to put clothes in the middle of the wash

Samsung Addwash

Samsung AddWash Seal Awards OneExpert 2016Who has not forgotten more than one to put a lost sock or some garment that we are wearing in the washing machine and we have not realized that it had to be washed? For these and many other cases, Samsung has created a new series of washing machines that incorporate an extra door on the front to quickly insert forgotten garments at any time of the cycle . This new range is called Samsung AddWash and is made up of various models, with different load capacities and other really interesting functions. We are going to review the range of Samsung AddWash washers in depth, to see what models we have available and their characteristics.

Samsung has created a series of washing machines with which it will no longer be a problem to forget something in the laundry . The new AddWash washers incorporate an extra door at the front to allow you to quickly insert forgotten garments at any time of the cycle. To be able to insert the garments we will have to press the pause button and wait 5 seconds, after this time we will open the AddWash door , close it and press the resume button. That easy. We will only have three  "buts" , and that is that the AddWash function It will not be available when the internal temperature of the drum exceeds 50 degrees, if the current cycle does not support the addition of new garments or if the child lock is activated.

Samsung Addwash

However, the AddWash door can not only be used to incorporate forgotten garments into the wash. It is also possible to add an extra fabric softener before rinsing to enhance its smell on the clothes, or to add clothes that we have washed by hand when the rinse and subsequent spin cycle begins.

As we mentioned, within the AddWash range we find various series and models, so we are going to review what each of the series offers us to be clear about what we will find if we opt for a Samsung AddWash washing machine .

Samsung AddWash Series 5

Samsung Addwash Series 5

The Series 5 is the entry-level range to Samsung's AddWash washers . It is made up of models with capacities of 7, 8 and 9 kilograms , all of them in white . In addition to the aforementioned AddWash system for adding garments during washing, the Series 5 also includes Samsung's EcoBubble technology , which dissolves detergent even in cold water (15 degrees). This bubble system mixes the water and detergent with the air before the wash cycle begins. The bubbles penetrate the fabrics faster and, according to the company, they achieve a better rinse of the garments .

The EcoBubble technology allows also perform a pre-washing bubbles . This program will allow the garments to remain in a deep soak with bubbles for a more efficient subsequent wash. We will also have 4 wash cycles available : Cotton, Synthetics, Denim and Child Care.

Samsung Addwash Series 5

The Series 5 also incorporates the Digital Inverter motor , which works with magnets to achieve less friction and less noise . This reduced wear allows the company to offer a 10-year warranty on the engine . Finally, if we have a problem with the washing machine, the Smart Check system will diagnose the failure and offer us possible solutions through the application for smartphones.

The Samsung AddWash Series 5 starts at a price of 520 euros for the 7 kg model . The 8 kg capacity model goes up to 570 euros , while the 9 kg model stays at 600 euros .

Samsung AddWash 6 Series

Samsung Addwash 6 Series

The 6 Series can be found in two capacities, 8 and 9 kilograms . If we opt for the 8 kg model , we can also choose two colors: black and white . If we need the 9 kg model , we will only have the white color available . The Series 6 , as you might suppose, includes the same features as the Series 5 , but adding some extra. So, they include AddWash door , the EcoBubble technology and Digital Inverter Motor with 10 year warranty . To this is added the Smart Control system, with which we can control the washing machine from anywhere through our smartphone . We can start the laundry, pause it, check the program that has been selected and the time left to finish. All this through the Samsung Smart Control application .

Apart from the Smart Control system , the Series 6 also includes the Super Speed ​​program , with which we can wash our garments in just 59 minutes , thanks to its double water supply and spray effect that accelerates the rinsing process and its powerful spin. Of course, with this program the maximum load will be reduced to 5 kg.

Samsung Addwash 6 Series

The Samsung AddWash Series 6 starts at a price of 650 euros for the 8 kg model in white . If we want it black, the price rises to 680 euros . If we need more capacity, we can opt for the 9 kg model in white , with a price of 700 euros .

Samsung AddWash 7 Series

The Series 7 can be found in a single capacity of 9 kg and only in white . This model includes AddWash door , the EcoBubble technology , WiFi for Smart Control System , the Super Speed program and Digital Inverter Motor with 10 year warranty . So what are the differences between this model and the Series 6 ? As you can imagine the differences are minimal. Series 7 incorporates a slightly different design, with a slightly larger LED screen and a better finished front door, with a light touch in blue and a hole to place your hand to open it.

Samsung Addwash 7 Series

Regarding technical characteristics, both series obtain an A +++ energy certification and both have a very similar sound power. Another small detail is that the Series 6 does not include light on the drum, while the Series 7 does .

The Samsung AddWash Series 7 is priced at 800 euros , with a 9 kg capacity and in white .

Samsung AddWash 8 Series

We finish the review of Samsung's AddWash range of washers with the 8 Series . This series consists of a single model with a capacity of 12 kg and in white . Of course, it includes everything discussed so far in the rest of the series in the range. In addition, its high load capacity allows washing larger items, such as blankets or duvets, and includes VRT-Plus technology , which reduces noise during washes . Its 3D vibration sensor will always keep the drum perfectly balanced, even in low-speed spins.

Samsung Addwash 8 Series

If we need a washing machine with a really large load capacity, the Samsung AddWash Series 8 , with 12 kg capacity and white color , we can find it with a price of 1,200 euros .

Samsung AddWash

Type of applianceWashing machine
Model nameAddWash
Available modelsSeries 5

Series 6

Series 7

Series 8

Loading capacity7/8/9 and 12 kg
characteristicsAddWash gate

EcoBubble technology

Inverter Digital Motor

Smart Check system

Smart Control system (from Series 6)

Super Speed ​​program (from Series 6)

VRT-Plus Technology (Series 8)

Price Series 5: From 520 euros  

Price Series 6: From 650 euros  

Price Series 7: 800 euros  

Price Series 8: 1,200 euros  

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