How to connect the Smart TV to the Internet

Samsung Smart TV

The Smart TV are making a hole in homes around the world. Its interactive options open a new universe in the experience of watching TV. Video on demand, tweeting while we are watching a series or checking the latest news from Tuexperto without leaving your chair ”¦ All this requires that we first organize ourselves so that the network signal reaches the smart TV, something that is not always easy. We tell you the different options to connect the Smart TV to the Internet so that you can get the best performance from this tool.

Normally, Smart TVs have two types of connection: through an Ethernet port and through the WiFi connection . In terms of speed, the first option is the best. It requires that we connect an Ethernet cable from the router to the port of the television, and the connection is made automatically. The signal arrives with hardly any losses and the fact of not having to configure this connection is much more comfortable than if we opted for the WiFi connection. Of course, the problem with this connection lies in the cable. In addition to being cumbersome, it can also happen that we have the television in a room other than the routeA, something that complicates the process of connecting the equipment via cable.

Panasonic Viera WT60

An alternative option is found in the so-called Poweline or PLC devices, such as the devolo dLAN 500 duo . These equipments allow to take advantage of the electrical current to transmit the connection to the Internet. In this way, for example, we can connect one of the adapters to the router and the other in the same room as the television, in a nearby outlet. In addition to the simplicity of installation and the savings in cables that it can entail, it should also be noted that the signal quality is transmitted practically without loss through the current. This is an advantage over using a traditional WiFi connection.

And it is that many of us have noticed an alarming decrease in the speed of the connection if we move from one room to another , even in apartments that are not very large (with more reason in those that are). The Smart TV usually works with apps that require a good network connection, such as applications of video on demand. Watching your favorite series or movie whenever you want can be a pleasure, but also a real torture if there are constant cuts due to bad connection. On the other hand, we must bear in mind that if we use the option to connect the Smart TV to the Internet via WiFi, it will be necessary to write the password on the TV (a rather tedious process with the writing methods used so far with the remote control). Of course, there are already Smart TVs compatible with the WPS protocol , which allows you to press a button on the router when we are configuring the connection to connect directly.

push a button on the router