How to find recent places you saved to Google Maps

How to find recent places you saved to Google Maps

Google Maps has an option that if you have never used it you should never try it. This is the Saved tab, where we can store and manage all those sites that interest us . Here we can have from the restaurants that we liked the most to those we want to visit, through monuments, cities or places we want to go at some point in our life. The truth is that it is a very popular function. According to data from Google itself, Google Maps users have already saved more than 7 billion places. Even now, when the vast majority of the world is not traveling, this feature is still widely used.

Well, given its importance, Google has published that the Saved tab has received some updates . According to the search giant, these improvements allow us to find and remember important places in an even easier way. Now we have three ways to find those special places that we have stored in Google Maps.

Recently saved

how to find recent places you saved to recent Google Maps

If we have many saved sites, it can be difficult to find a place that we do not remember the name of. To help us in this task, Google Maps has organized the saved sites into different sections.

Now as soon as you access the saved tab we have the option “Recently saved” . As the name indicates, here we can find the recently saved places, being able to access them in a much faster and easier way.

We can move between the sites using a fairly intuitive slider , being able to click on each of the saved places to see its information.

Nearby saved

how to find recent places you saved to nearby Google Maps

Another option that Google Maps offers us to find the site we are looking for is "Saved nearby . " This function seeks to leave us the sites that we have saved near our usual area, such as our home or work. In this way we can quickly access that restaurant that they told us was great and that we had close to home, but we do not remember what it was called.

Of course, for the location permission to work it must be enabled . If so, in this section we will see all nearby saved places sorted by distance and arranged in a carousel for easy navigation.


how to find the recent places you saved on Google Maps visited

Finally we have the Visited section . If we have the location history activated, in this section we can see all the places we have been. The routes are also saved, being able to see, for example, how much we have traveled by bicycle, how much we have walked or how much we have run in the last days.

It will also help us to easily find that incredible site that we discovered by chance and that we did not remember to save to have it located. All this organized by time, city, region or country .

And, of course, in the Saved tab of Google Maps we still have the usual sections. From here we can access the sites that we have saved in our lists , as well as create new lists. By default we have the lists "I want to go", "Tagged", "Featured sites" and "Favorites".

At the bottom of the section we can also see our chronology (if we have it activated) and even the reservations that we have stored in Google Calendar (if we have configured it). There is no shortage of the Following and Maps sections , where we can find the downloaded maps to be able to navigate offline. So, as you can see, Google Maps is becoming more and more complete.