7 tips to improve your laptop's performance

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The computer takes time to start up. Half an hour to open the program. The battery does not last me at all. The Internet goes to pedals ... Thousands are the complaints we make about our computer every day. But the best of all is that many of those little problems that end up unnerving us throughout the day have a very simple solution, available to everyone and that will only take a couple of minutes .

We leave you here seven recommendations with which to improve the performance of your laptop so that it always offers you maximum performance .

Remove programs you don't use

Basic. The first thing you should do is get rid of everything that you never use and that has been occupying valuable space on your system for too long. Just like at home you throw things away every day, and every day you put down the trash, ask yourself the same thing with your computer. Instead of doing long and boring quarterly cleanings as something arrives on your laptop, think about whether or not you need it. And remember, when in doubt, put it away .

Clean the system registry

Thousands of temporary files are stored on your computer. Every time something moves in your programs or in your apps , that leaves a trace that is stored in your registry. The longer it is, the more it will slow down your system . Keeping it clean and not overloaded is easy with free applications that you can find in the market.

Update the operating system

A no-brainer. But that message that reminds us that we have not yet updated the equipment continues to always appear in an inappropriate way. One possibility is to have them installed automatically, but if you are someone who prefers to confirm it first, take your time to keep updates up to date . The security of your computer depends largely on this point.

Update programs

If an application or program starts running with a delay that we do not like anything and that bothers us when working, probably due to you not yet have a day . Try to have the programs well updated to have an optimized version of it.

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Reduces startup load

In msconfig ( Windows ) you can configure your laptop to start faster by reducing the number of programs that open when you start the computer. This point is very important and simple to enjoy a quick opening . You just have to put msconfig in the search engine to access. There it offers you several standard options, but you can customize it yourself.

Backup copy

What you don't want, in the trash. And as in real life, what you do want to keep, to the storage room . All that useful information in your life that you want to store like gold on a cloth but that you do not use regularly can be stored on an external device. In this way, you will not only lighten your computer, but you will also have your memories well saved in case your PC suffers a breakdown or breaks permanently.

Defragment the disk

Periodically it is interesting that you do a defragmentation of the hard disk and the different units that you use. Fragmentation is something that happens over time and with the use of the computer , so you will have less and less storage capacity due to the chaotic trail that programs have left on your system. Reorganizing them is relatively straightforward, as the latest Windows 10 drives come with tools out of the box.