Panasonic Viera DT60, 60 inch 3D TV


60 Inch Television. The problem with the size of televisions is that sometimes we don't really get the idea with just the number of inches. And it is that (in addition to the fact that we usually prefer centimeters), the measurement corresponds to the diagonal of the screen. Therefore, we can think that a 60-inch television like the Panasonic Viera DT60 is only slightly larger than a 40-inch one. However, if we compare the surface of one and the other, we realize that in reality , the screen of a 60 TV turns out to be more than twice as large as that of a 40. Specifically, the surface of a 60 TV inches is 9.925 square inches, while a 40-inch is 4,468, less than half.

Therefore, the Panasonic Viera DT60 is, to begin with, a very large screen, designed to be in the living room and be the main center of home entertainment. Before you even think about buying it, you have to take a subway and take a look at the living room; At 133 centimeters wide, some furniture may not be up to the task.

Being the center of home entertainment is not only about screen size, but also because of the possibilities it offers. The Panasonic Viera DT60 is a connected television, that is, it is used for much more than just watching free-to-air television channels.

And it is also a 3D television. Panasonic continues to bet on including this feature in its high-end models, and this certainly is. The chosen system is active glasses, so the quality is higher, but in return the glasses are more expensive and their batteries must be recharged. However, the brand has chosen to include four pairs of glasses with each television, so most families will not have to purchase more units.


The resolution corresponds to that of most of the models currently on the market: Full HD (1,080 pixels). There are screens with higher resolution on the market, but today it does not make much sense to buy them. And it is that not only its price is out of the vast majority of budgets, but also there is hardly any content available to take advantage of that resolution. Virtually no television channel broadcasts today in Full HD quality, much less any higher.

The Viera Connect options are another of the strengths of this model, as well as the rest of Panasonic televisions . The connected television platform of the Japanese brand has been updated a lot in recent months, also increasing the number of applications available. With TV you can do more or less the same thing as with a computer: surf the Internet, play games and above all, take advantage of apps specially designed for this type of device.

The entire new range of Panasonic televisions will be in stores in a few months. The brand has announced its arrival in the spring of this year, but without offering more specific data. Nor do we know at the moment the price of this model.