How to stop seeing Gmail emails nested in conversations

How to stop seeing Gmail emails nested in conversations

Do you use Gmail? It is one of the most popular email clients. It is also one of the most complete thanks to its functions and extensions with third-party services. But Gmail has a feature that not all users seem to like. We talked about the way the service groups emails together as a conversation. Sometimes it can be confusing if we search for a specific email, but it is lost among other emails sent. Fortunately, Google has added a feature in Gmail where these conversations can be disabled. Do you want to know how? We teach you below.

First, head over to the main Gmail page and log in with your email address. Once you are inside the inbox, go to the nut that you will find at the top. Enter the configuration section . In the "general" area scroll down until you find the "Conversation view" category . Two options will appear here. The first is to group emails in the form of a conversation, which is established by default in all accounts. The second option allows us to deactivate this grouping. To do this, we just click on the circle. Now, go down to the option where it says "Save changes."


Instant changes, also for the mobile version

Gmail will restart quickly and you will see the grouping of emails removed. It should be noted that this option also applies to mobile devices . In case you want to return to the group of conversations, follow the previous steps and select the first option. It will also apply to mobile. It is important to emphasize that you do not need to have the new version of Gmail activated either. In addition, you can do it from any browser and on any device. Of course, as long as it is the desktop version, since only from there you can access the advanced configuration of the service.